The Standardized Recipe Language Sampler

CHICKEN CALIFORNIA; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 2000 g chicken. Cut up. 100 g cornmeal. 125 ml olive oil. salt. 200 g onion. Chop. 3 p garlic. Chop. 1 g nutmeg. 2 g cumin, ground. 2 g coriander seed, ground. 250 ml water. 250 ml red wine. 40 g chili powder. 150 g almonds, blanched. 200 g green olives. cornmeal. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Coat chicken with cornmeal. Saute in olive oil. Add salt, onion, garlic, nutmeg, cumin, coriander seed, water, and red wine. Cover. Simmer, 45 min. Add chili powder. Simmer, 5 min. [B] Add almonds and green olives to cookjuice. Thicken with cornmeal. Add salt and pepper. [C] Pour [A] over [B]. Serve with boiled rice("serve with a salad of oranges and onions flavored with a little rosemary and beer to drink.").
[BLUEBERRY #1|APPLE #2] STREUSEL; SCORE [14 #1]. Ingredients: 1000 g blueberries. 1 p lemon juice. 120 g brown sugar. 75 g flour. 85 g butter. sour cream. Preparation: [A] Add lemon juice to blueberries. Marinate, 25 min. [B] Add flour to brown sugar. Work in butter; should be crumbly but adhere when squeezed. [C] Top [A] with [B]. Bake, 200 イ, 20 min, till browned. Serve with sour cream. SOPA DE AGUACATE (AVOCADO SOUP); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 15 g shortening. 10 g flour. 50 g onion. Chop. 100 g tomatoes. Peel. Drain. 1000 ml stock. salt. pepper. 3 p avocados. Mash. 80 ml cream. 3 ml food coloring, green. bread. Cut up, cubes. 50 ml oil. Preparation: [A] Make a roux with shortening and flour. Add onion and tomatoes. Reduce, by half. Add stock, salt, and pepper. Simmer, 10 min. [B] Add cream to avocados to (in soup tureen; i suggest heating them first). Add food coloring. [C] Add [B] to [A]. [D] Fry bread in oil. [E] Serve [C] with [D].
PESCADO EN VERDE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1000 g fish fillets. 1 p lime juice. 5 g salt. water, to cover. 1 p sprig parsley. Mince. 300 g onion. Mince. 2 p sweet pepper. Mince. 150 g peas, cooked. 3 p garlic. Chop. 4 p green tomatoes. Peel. Chop. 2 g pepper. 5 g salt. 15 ml vinegar. 30 ml oil, olive. Preparation: [A] Add salt and water to lime juice. [B] Soak fish fillets in [A]. [C] Add onion, sweet pepper, peas, garlic, green tomatoes, pepper, salt, and vinegar to parsley. Mix. [D] Pour [B] over [C], in greased baking dish. Cover. Simmer, 15 min, till almost dry. Add oil. Simmer, 3 min.
HUACHINGAS EN TOSTADAS (RED SNAPPER WITH TOSTADAS); SCORE 15. Ingredients: 500 g red snapper. 250 ml water. 5 g salt. 5 g bay leaves. 5 g thyme. 5 g marjoram. 3 g pepper. 1 p garlic. 15 ml vinegar. 1 p onion. Mince. 3 p tomatoes. Peel. Chop. Drain. 15 g parsley. Mince. 25 ml oil, olive. 10 p black olives. Chop. 12 p tortillas. 50 g fat. lettuce. Shred. Preparation: [A] Add salt, bay leaves, thyme, marjoram, pepper, garlic, and vinegar to red snapper and water. Cook, 15 min. Drain. Shred. [B] Fry onion, tomatoes, and parsley in oil, 5 min. [C] Add [B] and black olives to [A]. [D] Fry tortillas in fat. [E] Spread [C] with [D]. Top with lettuce. Sprinkle with fat (from frying).
OSTIONES A LA VERACRUZANA (OYSTERS VERACRUZ STYLE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 20 g breadcrumbs. 5 g allspice. 5 g pepper. 4 p egg whites. Beat, till stiff. 4 p egg yolks. 48 p oysters. Wash. Drain. 40 ml lemon juice. 5 g salt. 200 g tomatoes, canned. 15 g onion. Mince. 10 g parsley. Mince. lard. butter. Preparation: [A] Add allspice and pepper to breadcrumbs. [B] Add egg yolks to egg whites. [C] Add lemon juice and salt to oysters. Let stand. [D] Saute tomatoes, onion, and parsley in lard. [E] Layer [A], [B], [C], and [D](finishing with eggs). Dot with butter. Bake, 160 イ, 30 min, till firm.
POLLO CON ARROZ; (CHICKEN WITH RICE.) SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1 p chicken, frying. 1 p garlic. 0.5 p onion. 4 p peppercorn. salt. cumin. fat. 250 g rice. Soak, 15 min. 2 p tomatoes. Chop. 1000 ml water. 2 p sweet peppers, green. Slice. Preparation: [A] Add onion, peppercorn, salt, and cumin to garlic. Grind. [B] Spread chicken with [A]. Brown in fat, lightly. Add rice. Brown, lightly. Add tomatoes. Saute, 5 min. Add water and sweet peppers. Cover. Simmer, till done. [C] Grind chicken liver. [D] Add [C] to [B].
MOLE SENCILLO (SIMPLE MOLE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 2000 g chicken, roasting. Cut up. water, to half cover. 3 p chillies, pasilla. 3 p chillies, anchos. 100 g peanuts. Peel. Grind. 1 g cloves. 3 g cinnamon. 2 g pepper. 2 p garlic. Mince. 15 g salt (sic). 50 g fat. Preparation: [A] Add water to chicken. Cover. Simmer, 90 min. [B] Add chillies to chillies. Grind. Add peanuts, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, garlic, and salt. Fry in fat, 5 min. Add stock, from chicken, 400 ml, slowly. Stir. [C] Add [B] to [A] to. Simmer, 25 min. Add stock, as necessary (sauce should be thick).
MANCHA MANTELES; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 2 kg chicken. Cut up. 60 g shortening. 2 p chillies, red. 125 g almonds, blanched. 8 g sesame seeds. 250 g tomatoes. Peel. Chop. 250 g pork, lean. Saute. water, a little. 5 g salt. 1 slice pineapple, fresh or canned. Dice. 1 p apple. Peel. Core. Dice. 60 g sugar. 1 p banana. Slice. 1 p sweet potato. Cook. Dice. 1 slice jicama. 3 g cinnamon, ground. Preparation: [A] Saute chicken in shortening, till brown. Remove chicken. [B] Add almonds and sesame seeds to chillies. [C] Saute [A] in [B]. Grind. Add tomatoes. Sieve, in colander. Return chicken. [D] Add water to pork. Simmer, 30 min. [E] Add [D], salt, pineapple, apple, sugar, banana, sweet potato, jicama, and cinnamon to [C]. Cover. Simmer, 1 h.
CHORIZOS II (MEXICAN SAUSAGES--ERSATZ). Ingredients: 500 g pork. Dice. 3 g chillies, red, dried. 3 g pepper. 5 g salt. 3 g cumin. 3 p garlic. Mince. 5 ml oil. 30 ml vinegar. Preparation: [A] Brown pork, chillies, pepper, salt, cumin, and garlic in oil. Add vinegar. Simmer, till dry. FILETES COMPUESTOS (BEEF FILLETS); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 6 p beef, fillet. 30 ml lemon juice. 50 ml olive oil. 50 g shortening. 2 g marjoram. 1 g thyme. 1 g salt. 1 g pepper. 6 p toast. 50 g cheese. Grate. 18 p stuffed olives. Slice. 2 p chillies, chilpotles, canned. Slice. Preparation: [A] Sprinkle beef with lemon juice. Let stand, 10 min. Brown in olive oil and shortening. [B] Add thyme, salt, and pepper to marjoram. [C] Sprinkle [A] with [B]. Arrange on toast. Sprinkle with cheese, stuffed olives, and chillies. Broil, 2 min.
ARROZ SURRANO (SOUTHERN-STYLE RICE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 25 g butter. 25 ml oil, olive. 250 g rice. water. Heat. 100 ml water. Bring to boil. 100 ml water. Bring to boil. 50 ml cream. 100 g shrimp. 100 g tuna. 25 g butter. 200 ml ketchup. 50 ml cream. 8 g salt. 2 g pepper. 2 p pimientos. Slice, thinly. Preparation: [A] Add oil to butter. [B] Soak rice in water (till slightly swollen). Rince. Drain. [C] Fry [A] in [B]. Add water. Simmer, till absorbed. Add water and cream. Cover. Simmer, till almost dry. Add shrimp and tuna. Mould, in buttered pan. Unmould. [D] Add ketchup, cream, salt, and pepper to butter. Simmer, 3 min. [E] Pour [C] over [D]. Garnish with pimientos.
TOSTADAS COMPUESTAS (GARNISHED TOASTED TORTILLAS); SCORE 15. Ingredients: 125 g fried beans. Heat. Mash. 12 p tortillas. 100 g fat. 1 p head lettuce. Chop. 250 g potatoes. Boil. Dice. Fry, lightly. 30 ml vinegar. 50 ml oil, olive. 5 g salt. 2 g pepper. 2 p chicken breasts, cooked. Shred. 125 ml guacamole. 1 p chillies, chilpotle. Shred. 125 g cream cheese. Mash. Preparation: [A] Fry tortillas in fat. Drain. [B] Spread fried beans with [A], thin layer. [C] Add potatoes, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper to lettuce. [D] Spread [B] with [C]. Top with chicken breasts, guacamole, chillies, and cream cheese.
CANJA; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1 p onion. Slice. 25 g fat. 1 p garlic. Mince. 1 p chicken. Cut up. 100 g rice. 50 g ham. Dice. 2000 ml water. Bring to boil. 1 p bay leaves. 5 g parsley. 5 g marjoram. Preparation: [A] Saute onion in fat. Add garlic. Saute, till golden. Add chicken. Cover. Fry, till lightly browned. Add rice and ham. Cover. Fry, gently. Add water, bay leaves, parsley, and marjoram. Simmer, till tender. [B] Remove chicken. Bone. [C] Return [B] to [A].
CASTILLIAN CHICKEN (GALLINA A LA CASTELLANA); SCORE 17. Ingredients: 2 p onions. Mince. 1 p sweet pepper, green. Mince. 1 p garlic. Mince. 15 g parsley. Mince. 30 g butter. 125 ml tomato sauce. 250 ml white wine. 3 g salt. water, to half cover. 1 p chicken. Truss. 40 g raisins. 250 g rice. Boil. Drain. 30 g butter. 125 g cheese, edam. 60 g sugar. 3 p egg. Beat. 125 g almonds. Roast. Preparation: [A] Saute onions, sweet pepper, garlic, and parsley in butter, till soft. Add tomato sauce, white wine, salt, and water. Pour over chicken. Cover. Simmer, till tender. [B] Remove chicken. Bone. [C] Return [B] to [A]. Add raisins. Simmer, 20 min. [D] Add butter, cheese, sugar, and egg to rice. Mold; in buttered ring mold. Bake, till set and browned. [E] Serve [C] in [D]. Sprinkle with almonds.
PUERTO RICAN PORK AND POTATOE PIE; SCORE 13. Ingredients: 5 p potatoes. Boil. Mash. salt. pepper. pork. Cube. onions. Slice. sweet pepper, red. Dice. tomato sauce. salt. pepper. evaporated milk. Preparation: [A] Add salt and pepper to potatoes. Press, into pie pan, reserving half. [B] Fry pork, onions, and sweet pepper. Add tomato sauce, salt, and pepper. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Top with mashed potatoes, remaining. Brush with evaporated milk. Brown, in oven.
PUERTO RICAN BANANA BRAN BREAD; SCORE 13. Ingredients: 125 g sugar. 60 g shortening. 1 p egg. 100 g bran. 375 g bananas. Mash. 210 g flour. 9 g baking powder. 3 g salt. 2 g baking soda. 75 g walnuts. 30 ml water. 5 ml vanilla. Preparation: [A] Cream together sugar and shortening. Add egg. Beat. Add bran and bananas. [B] Add baking powder, salt, and baking soda to flour. [C] Add [B], walnuts, water, and vanilla to [A]. Bake, loaf pan, 180 イ, 60 min. SPANISH SAUSAGES AND LENTILS; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 250 g lentils, cooked. 1 p onion. Slice. 1 p garlic. Mince. 1 p sweet pepper, green. Peel. Seed. 2 p tomatoes. Peel. Quarter. salt. pepper. 500 g chorizos. Fry, lightly. Cut up. Preparation: [A] Saute lentils, onion, garlic, and sweet pepper(in chorizo drippings). Add tomatoes, salt, pepper, and chorizos. Cover. Simmer.
<*FISH SOUP WITH VERMICELLI A LA MARSEILLAISE; SCORE 17. *onion, 25 g =slice *oil /saute in *flour /make a roux with *water, 2000 ml /add *fish, bones (and trimmings), 500 g =cut up, very small pieces /add *salt /add *pepper /add *parsley, 10 g =pound /add *bay leaves, 1 p /add *thyme, 1 p sprig /add *garlic, a little =crush /add *tomato puree, 50 g /add *saffron, 1 g /add =boil, 20 min =strain =bring to boil *vermicelli, 50 g /add =poach, 10 min *parsley, 5 g =chop /add >
<*POUSSIN A LA TARTARE; SCORE 14. *chicken, spring =split (down back) *salt *pepper /and /sprinkle with *butter =melt /brush with *breadcrumbs /sprinkle with =grill, gentle heat *:tartare sauce /serve with >
<*PORK CHOPS A LA CHARCUTIERE (COTES DE PORC A LA CHARCUTIERE); SCORE 14. *pork chops =flatten *salt *pepper /and /sprinkle with *butter =melt /coat with *breadcrumbs /coat with =grill, gently *:mashed potatoes *:sauce charcutiere /and /serve with >
<*SAUCE CHARCUTIERE [I #1|II #2|III #3]. *onion, 10 g =mince [ *lard, 15 g | *butter, 15 g ] /saute in [ *vinegar, wine, 15 ml /add #2 ] [ *white wine, white, 15 ml /add #3 ] *:sauce demi-glace, 200 ml /add =boil, 1 min [ =strain ] *gherkins, 25 g =julienne /add [ *mustard, 15 ml /add #3 ] >
<*SAUCE TARTARE. *egg yolks, hard-boiled *salt /add *pepper /add *oil /emulsify with *chives =chop /add >
<*SALADE BRIMONT; SCORE 14. *potatoes, 1 p part =boil =quarter *artichoke hearts, 1 p part =boil =quarter /add *:mayonnaise *curry /and /dress with *crayfish, tails *black olives /and *eggs, hard-boiled =quarter /and *truffles =slice /and /garnish with > SALADE ITALIENNE; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 1 p carrots. Dice. 1 p turnips. Dice. 1 p potatoes. Dice. 1 p asparagus. Dice. 1 p peas. anchovies. tomatoes. black olives. capers. eggs, hard-boiled. Quarter. chervil. Preparation: [A] Add turnips, potatoes, asparagus, and peas to carrots. Dress with mayonnaise. Garnish with anchovies, tomatoes, black olives, capers, eggs, and chervil.
ICED PINEAPPLE [ #1|A LA BOURBONNAISE #2|A LA CREOLE #2|A LA CHANTILLY #4|A LA PARISIENNE I #5|A LA PARISIENNE II #6]; SCORE [15 #5]. Ingredients: 1 p pineapple, fresh. Hollow (saving top). Chill. brandy. sugar. 125 g strawberries, wild. 125 g grapes, black. ice cream, strawberry. Preparation: [A] Add sugar, strawberries, and grapes to brandy. [B] Add [A] to pulp. Marinate. Chill. [C] Stuff pineapple with [B] and ice cream (in layers). Top with top (of pineapple).
<*JAMBALAYA A LA CREOLE; SCORE 16. *pork, 500 g =cube, 1 cm *onions, 2 p =mince /add *butter, 15 g /saute in *ham, 100 g =mince /add *garlic, 2 p =mince /add *parsley, 20 g =mince /add *thyme, 10 g =mince /add *bay leaves, 2 p /add *cloves, 2 p =grind /add =saute, 5 min *sausage, pork, 12 p =cut up /add =saute, 5 min *broth, 3000 ml /add =simmer, 10 min *rice, 350 g /add *cayenne, 2 g /add *salt /add =boil, 30 min, till done =+stir >
<*[SHRIMP #1|CRAB #2] JAMBALAYA; SCORE 15. *onions, 200 g =chop *butter, 15 g /brown in *flour, 15 g /add =make a roux with *thyme, 10 g =chop /add *bay leaves, 2 p /add *parsley, 10 g /add *garlic, 2 p =mince /add =fry, 5 min *chillies, dried, 3 g /add *tomatoes, 750 g =chop /add =simmer, 10 min [ *shrimp ("lake"), 80 p #1 | *crab, 12 p #2 ] /add =boil, 5 min *rice, 400 g /add =boil, 30 min >
<*SALADE DES MOINES; SCORE 14. *rice =boil *asparagus, tips /add *chicken, cooked (white meat) =julienne /add *:vinaigrette *mustard /and /dress with *truffle =grate /decorate with >
<*SALADE ORIENTALE; SCORE 14. *tomatoes, 2 parts =cut up =dry *olive oil /and *garlic /and =saute *sweet peppers, green, 1 part =peel =dice /add *sweet peppers, red, 1 part =peel =dice /add *green beans, 2 parts =slice =blanche /add *rice, 2 parts =boil /add *oil /add *vinegar /add *anchovies =dice /add >
<*LIBERIAN CHICKEN CASSEROLE (JOLLOF). *oil, 50 ml *chicken, 1.5 kg =cut up /brown in *ham, 250 g =chop /add *onions, 2 p =chop /add *allspice, 3 g /add *salt /add *pepper /add =cook, 5 min *rice, 250 g /add *tomatoes, 6 p =peel /add *tomato paste, 150 g /add *broth, chicken, 750 ml /add *green beans, 250 g /add =simmer, 30 min >
<*BRAISED BEEF WITH RICE AND OLIVES. *olive oil, 25 ml *beef, stewing, 500 g =cube /brown in, 10 min *onions, 2 p =chop /add *garlic, 1 p =mince /add *rice, 125 g /add *broth, beef, 250 ml /add *tomatoes, canned, 500 g /add *salt /add *pepper /add =simmer, 1 h *green olives, 100 g =slice /add =simmer, 30 min *parsley =chop /garnish with > SOPA DE PESCADO A LA CATALANA (CATALAN FISH SOUP); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1500 g fish, white. Clean (leave heads and tails on). shellfish (shrimp, clams, crabs, or a crayfish). 2500 ml water. Bring to boil. 1 p onion, small. Mince. 100 ml olive oil. 1 p tomatoes, medium. Chop. 1 p bay leaves. 2 p sprigs parsley. 4 p slices bread, white. Cut up, shavings. 12 p almonds. Peel. Toast. 3 p garlic. Peel. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Add shellfish and water to fish. Cover. Boil, 15 min. [B] Brown onion in olive oil, lightly. Add tomatoes. Reduce. [C] Add [B], bay leaves, and parsley to [A]. Boil, 15 min. Strain. Pour over bread. [D] Add garlic to almonds. Crush, in mortar. [E] Add [D] to [C]. Simmer, 10 min. [F] Bone fish. [G] Add [F] to [E]. Heat. Add salt and pepper.
<*GAZPACHO MADRILENO; SCORE 14. *garlic, 1 p =peel *sweet peppers, green, 2 p =seed =slice /add *salt /add *cumin, 1 g /add *tomatoes, ripe, 2 p =chop /add *olive oil, 75 ml /add *water, 100 ml /add =blenderize, 5 s *water, 750 ml =chill /add *cucumber, small, 1 p =peel =slice *sweet pepper, 1 p =slice /and *tomatoes, ripe, 2 p =cube /and *bread, day-old, 2 p slices =cube /and /top with *vinegar, wine, 30 ml /stir in (at last moment) >
<*GAZPACHO SEVILLANO (SEVILLIAN GAZPACHO); SCORE 15. *garlic, 1 p *sweet pepper, green, 0.25 p /add *onion, 0.5 p /add *tomatoes, large, 2 p /add *cucumber, 0.25 p /add *olive oil, 100 ml /add *vinegar, 30 ml /add =blenderize, briefly *water, iced, 1000 ml /add *salt /add [ [ *cucumber =dice ? *sweet pepper, green =dice ? *egg, hard-boiled =dice ? *tomatoes =dice ? *toast =dice ] /serve with ] >
EMPANADA GALLEGA (GALICIAN STUFFED PASTRY); SCORE 17. Ingredients: 1 p egg yolk. 15 ml water. 0.2 g saffron. Preparation: [A] Halve dough. Roll out. Stuff with filling, on cookie sheet. Seal (by pinching edges). Prick (make 5 mm hole in top). [B] Add water and saffron to egg yolk. Beat. [C] Brush [A] with [B]. Bake, 225 イ, 15 min, till brown. Add liquid (from filling), 25 ml(through hole). --DOUGH. Ingredients: 700 g flour. Make a well with. 5 g baking powder. 2 p eggs. 100 g butter. 5 g salt. 200 ml water, cold. Preparation: [A] Add baking powder, eggs, butter, salt, and water to flour. Blend. Let stand, in warm place. --FILLING. Ingredients: 400 g onion. Chop. 150 g lard. 250 g chorizo. Skin. Slice. 500 g pork. 250 g ham. 250 g veal. cayenne. 1 g saffron. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Fry onion in lard, slowly. Add chorizo. [B] Dice pork, ham, and veal. [C] Add [B], cayenne, saffron, salt, and pepper to [A]. Cover. Simmer, 45 min, till tender.
TERNERA A LA CONDESITA (VEAL WITH SHERRY); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 12 p thin slices veal (60 g each). Flatten. Trim. 0.5 p lemon juice. 50 ml olive oil. 1 p eggs. Beat. flour. 50 ml olive oil. 100 g almonds. Toast. Peel. 50 ml sherry. 6 p garlic. Toast, till charred. Peel. 15 ml olive oil. 300 ml stock, meat. salt. pepper. bread, small slices. olive oil. Preparation: [A] Add lemon juice and olive oil to veal. Let stand (while preparing sauce). Wipe dry. Dip in eggs and flour. Brown in olive oil(two at a time). [B] Add sherry to almonds. Blenderize. [C] Saute garlic in olive oil. Drain, reserving. [D] Add [C] to [B]. Blenderize. Add stock, salt, and pepper. [E] Pour [A] over [D]. Simmer, 10 min, till thickened a little. [F] Fry bread in olive oil. [G] Serve [E] with [F].
TALLARINES A LA CATALANA (CATALAN NOODLES); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 500 g spare ribs, pork. Cut up, 50 mm pieces. 250 g salt pork, lean. Cube. 50 ml olive oil. 2 p garlic. Mince. 1 p onion. Mince. 3 p tomatoes. Peel. Chop. 2750 ml stock, beef (sic!). Bring to boil. 18 p slices sausage, pork, cooked. 15 p almonds, toasted. 50 g pine nuts. 20 g parsley. 500 g noodles. pepper. Preparation: [A] Brown spare ribs and salt pork in olive oil. Add garlic and onion. Fry, till golden. Add tomatoes. Fry, till thickened. Add stock and sausage. Boil, 5 min. [B] Pound almonds, pine nuts, and parsley, in mortar. Add liquid (from stock), a little. [C] Add [B], noodles, and pepper to [A]. Simmer, till done.
ARROZ CON COSTA AL ESTILO DE ELCHE (RICE WITH A CRUST ELCHE STYLE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 3 p eggs. salt. 150 g garbanzos, dried. Soak, 8 h. 2000 ml water. 1 p sausages, pork. 1 p onion, small. 1 p bay leaves. 2 p sausages, pork. 60 ml olive oil. 1 p chicken, small. Cut up, small pieces. Dry. salt. pepper. 480 g rice. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Add salt to eggs. Beat, till fluffy. [B] Add water, sausages, onion, and bay leaves to garbanzos. Bring to boil. Simmer, till done. Drain, reserving. [C] Saute sausages in olive oil. Remove sausages. [D] Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper. [E] Add [D] to [C]. Saute. Return sausages. Add liquid (from chick peas), to cover. Simmer, 40 min (till chicken cooked but not soft). Remove sausages. Add liquid (from chick peas, to make 1250 ml). Bring to boil. Add rice. [F] Add [E], salt, and pepper to [B]. Mix. Boil, high flame, 5 min (till beginning to absorb). [G] Slice sausage. [H] Top [F] with [G]. Simmer, till done. [I] Pour [A] over [H]. Bake, 210イ, till crust is formed. Let stand, 3 min.
PAELLA A LA BARCELONESE; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 0.5 p chicken. Cut up, 6 p. 250 g spare ribs, pork. Cut up, small pieces. 12 p sausages, pork (cocktail size). 175 ml olive oil. 1 p onion. Mince. 2 p tomatoes. Peel. Chop. 5 g paprika. 2 p garlic. Chop. 1 p sweet pepper, green. Slice. 700 g rice. 250 g squid. Clean. Cut up, rings. 1900 ml water. Bring to boil. 100 g peas. 1 g saffron. water, a little. Bring to boil. salt. 250 g shrimp. 24 p mussels. Clean. water, to cover. 6 p artichokes, canned. Preparation: [A] Brown chicken, spare ribs, and sausages in olive oil. Add onion. Saute, till golden. Add tomatoes. Cook, till reduced. Add paprika, garlic, and sweet pepper. Saute. Return chicken etc. Add rice. Brown, good fire, 5 min. Add squid, water, and peas. [B] Add water to saffron. [C] Add [B] and salt to [A]. Stir. [D] Add mussels and water to shrimp. Cook (till mussels open). Trim (removing one shell from each mussel). [E] Add [D] and artichokes to [C], without stirring. Cook, high heat, till absorbed. Simmer, till done.
<*ENSALADA MADRILENA (MADRILENE SALAD); SCORE 13. *tomatoes, medium, 4 p =peel =seed =mince *lettuce, 1 p head, large =chop /add *black olives, pitted, 36 p /add [ *:small marinated fishies catalan style, 6p | *:small marinated fishies andalusian style, 6 p ] =bone =chop /add *olive oil /sprinkle with *vinegar /sprinkle with *salt /sprinkle with *eggs, hard-boiled, 2 p =slice /top with >
<*CALDO GALLEGO (WHITE BEAN, TURNIP GREEN AND POTATO SOUP); SCORE 17. *beans, white, dried, 250 g *water, 2.25 l =bring to boil /soak in, 1 h [ *ham, serrano | *prosciutto, 250 g ] =cube /add *salt pork, 50 g /add *onions, 100 g =mince /add *salt, 10 g /add =cover =simmer, 90 min *chorizos (or other garlic sausage), 2 p /add *turnip greens, 250 g =wash =trim =shred, coarsely /add *potatoes, 200 g =peel =dice, 5 mm /add =simmer, 30 min *:chorizos =remove =slice /return *:salt pork /discard *salt /add *pepper /add > COZIDO A PORTUGUESA (BOILED MEATS, CHICKEN, AND VEGETABLES); SCORE 16. Ingredients: 1500 g stewing beef. 500 g ham, hock (smoked). 5 g salt. water, to cover. 250 g onions. Peel. Quarter. 250 g garbanzos. Soak, 2 h. Drain. 250 g sausage, linguica. Prick. Blanche, 5 min. 1000 g chicken. Cut up. 4 p sweet potatoes. Peel. Halve. 4 p potatoes. Peel. Halve. 3 p turnips. Peel. Quarter. 4 p carrots. Scrape. Halve. 1 p cabbage. Core. Cut up, 8 p. 500 g turnip greens. Chop, coarsely. 250 g rice. 5 g salt. Preparation: [A] Add ham, salt, and water to stewing beef. Bring to boil. Skim. Add onions. Cover. Simmer, 2 h. Add garbanzos. Simmer, 1 h. Add sausage. Reserve broth, 500 ml. Add chicken, sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, and carrots. Cover. Simmer, 40 min. Add cabbage and turnip greens. Simmer, 20 min. [B] Bring to boil broth. Add rice and salt. Cover. Simmer, 20 min. [C] Serve [A] with [B].
PORTUGUESE STEAK (BIFE A PORTUGUESA); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 30 g butter. 30 ml olive oil. 1 p bay leaves. Crumble. 2 p garlic. Halve. 4 p beefsteaks, tenderloin (20 mm thick). 2 p garlic. Crush. 15 ml vinegar, red wine. 5 g salt. 2 g pepper. 8 p prosciutto (or other lean smoked ham). 60 ml red wine. 50 ml lemon juice. parsley. Chop. Preparation: [A] Add olive oil to butter. Heat. Add bay leaves and garlic. Saute, 1 min. Discard spices. [B] Add vinegar, salt, and pepper to garlic. Mash together. [C] Rub beefsteaks with [B]. [D] Saute [A] in [C], till rare. Remove steaks. Saute in prosciutto, 90 s. Remove prosciutto. Add red wine and lemon juice. Bring to boil. Pour over steaks. Garnish with prosciutto and parsley. Serve with portuguese fried potatoes.
<*POLLO ALLA FIORENTINA (CHICKEN FLORENTINE STYLE); SCORE 15; REGION TUSCANY. *chicken, 1500 g =cut up *garlic, 1 p =crush /and *ham, 2 p slices =mince /and *onion, small, 1 p =mince /and *oil, olive, 125 ml /saute in *:garlic /remove [ *marsala, 125 ml | *white wine, dry, 125 ml ] /add *salt /add *pepper /add *mushrooms, dried, 25 g =soak, 30 min =julienne /add *tomatoes, 400 g =peel =seed =chop /add *parsley, 2 p =mince /add =cook, 30 min (the sauce should be fairly thick; thin if necessary) >
POLLO IN SALSA PICCANTE (CHICKEN IN PIQUANT SAUCE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1500 g chicken, 1 p. Cut up. 1 p onion. Mince. 100 ml oil, olive. 5 g flour. 100 ml white wine, dry. 20 g tomato paste. water, hot. salt. pepper. 100 ml vinegar, wine. Reduce, by half (in enamel pan). 1 p anchovy, fillet. Mince. 3 p gherkins. Mince. 60 ml capers. 1 p garlic. Mince. 2 p parsley. Mince. Preparation: [A] Brown chicken and onion in oil, lightly. Make a roux with flour. Add white wine. Simmer, till evaporated. [B] Dilute tomato paste with water. [C] Add [B], salt, and pepper to [A]. Simmer, till tender. [D] Add anchovy, gherkins, capers, garlic, and parsley to vinegar. [E] Pour [C] over [D]. Simmer, 10 min.
RAGU (BOLOGNESE MEAT SAUCE). Ingredients: 1 p onion. Mince. 1 p carrot. Mince. 1 p celery. Mince. 100 g bacon. Mince. 50 g butter. 30 ml oil, olive. 200 g pork. Mince. 200 g beef. Mince. 100 g sausage meat. 200 ml white wine, dry. salt. pepper. 20 ml tomato paste. stock, a little. 250 ml stock. 60 ml cream, light. 50 g butter. Preparation: [A] Take onion, carrot, celery, and bacon. [B] Add oil to butter. [C] Simmer [A] in [B], till soft. Add pork, beef, and sausage meat. Brown, lightly. Crumble, with fork. Add white wine. Reduce. Add salt and pepper. [D] Dilute tomato paste with stock. [E] Add [D] to [C]. Cover. Add stock, from time to time. Simmer, 90 min. Add cream. Reduce. Add butter. Stir.
LASAGNE BOLOGNESI; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 125 g parmesan. Grate. 400 g lasagne noodles. Boil. Drain. 30 g butter. 1 p garlic. 50 g mushrooms, dried. Soak. Drain. Dry. Chop. 10 g parsley. Mince. 250 ml milk. 1 g salt. 50 g butter. Preparation: [A] Brown butter in garlic, gently. Discard garlic. Add mushrooms, parsley, milk, and salt. Simmer, 15 min. [B] Layer parmesan, lasagne noodles, bechamel, thin (made with 1500 ml milk), ragu, and [A](in 250 mm round deep buttered baking dish; noodles-bechamel-ragu-mushrooms- parmesan-...-noodles-parmesan). Dot with butter. Bake, 190 イ, 60 min (a light golden crust should form).
<*SALSA BESCIAMELLA [THICK #1|THIN #2]. *butter, 100 g *flour, 50 g /and *salt, 5 g /and =make a roux with [ *milk, 1250 ml #1 | *milk, 1500 ml #2 ] =bring to boil /add, at once =+whisk =+simmer, till thick and smooth (and raw taste gone) [ [ *parmesan =grate | *egg, 1 p | *tomato paste | *oysters | *shrimp | *parsley | *capers ] /add ] >
PESTO ALLA GENOVESE (GENOESE GREEN SAUCE). Ingredients: 2 p garlic. 100 g basil, fresh. 1 g salt. 40 g parmesan. Grate. 40 g pecorino. Grate. 250 ml oil, olive. Preparation: [A] Add basil and salt to garlic. Blenderize. Add parmesan. Blenderize. Add pecorino. Blenderize. Add oil. Blenderize. RIGATONI ALLA CARBONARA (RIBBED NOODLES CHARCOAL-BURNER'S STYLE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 150 g bacon. Dice. 1 p garlic. Crush. 20 g lard. 5 p eggs. Beat, thoroughly. 1 g salt. 40 g pecorino cheese. Grate. 40 g parmesan. Grate. 500 g rigatoni. Boil, till tender. Preparation: [A] Saute bacon and garlic in lard. Discard garlic. [B] Add salt, pecorino cheese, parmesan, and rigatoni to eggs. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Simmer, 2 min, to heat eggs. Stir.
FETTUCINE IN SALSA; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 2 p garlic. Mince. 6 p leaves basil. Mince. 3 p leaves mint. Mince. 20 g parsley. Mince. 100 ml oil, olive. 400 g tomatoes, italian, canned. Chop. 1 p chili, hot. Chop. salt. pepper. 750 g fettucine. Blanch, al dente. Drain. 50 g pecorino. Grate. scamorza (or substitute). Slice. Preparation: [A] Add basil, mint, and parsley to garlic. Saute in oil, gently. Add tomatoes(with juice). Add chili, salt, and pepper. Cook, 20 min. Pour over fettucine. Sprinkle with pecorino. Top with scamorza. Bake, 210 イ, 5 min, till bubbling. TRENETTE COL PESTO (TRENETTE WITH PESTO); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 4 p potatoes. Peel. Dice. 400 ml water. salt. 700 g trenette. pecorino. Grate. Preparation: [A] Add salt to water. [B] Add [A] to potatoes. Boil. Add trenette. Boil, till al dente. Drain, reserving. [C] Add liquid, from noodles, 150 ml to pesto alla genovese, 300 ml. [D] Add [C] to [B]. Serve with pecorino.
<*RISOTTO ALLA MILANESE; SCORE 15. *onion, small, 1 p =slice, thinly *bone marrow, 30 g /and *butter, 50 g /brown in, lightly [ *red wine, 100 ml | *white wine, 100 ml ] /add =reduce *rice, 500 g /add =brown, lightly *stock, meat, 1500 ml =bring to boil /add, 250 ml at a time; will sizzle alarmingly first time =simmer =+stir *saffron, 1 g =soak /add =stir (two-tone color is effective) *butter, 50 g /add *parmesan, 100 g =grate /add =stir, gently =cover =let stand, 2 min *parmesan =grate /serve with > PIZZA [ALLA NAPOLETANA #1|AGLIO, OLIO E POMADORO #4|ALLA ROMANA #2|AGLIO E OLIO #5|ALLA SICILIANA #3|MARGHERITA #6]; SCORE [17 #1,2,3]. Ingredients: Preparation: [A] Top pizza dough with filling. Bake, 240 イ, 30 min. --FILLING. Ingredients: 250 g tomatoes, canned. 250 g mozzarella. Dice. 6 p anchovy fillets. Chop. 10 g oregano. oil, olive. Preparation: [A] Take tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovy fillets, oregano, and oil.
<*INSALATA DI FONTINA; SCORE 13; REGION PIEDMONT. *sweet pepper, yellow, 6 p =trim =halve =skin =julienne *fontina cheese, 250 g =dice /add *green olives, pitted, 60 g /add *oil, olive *mustard, dijon /and *salt /and *pepper /and *cream, 50 ml /and /dress with =chill > INSALATA SICILIANA; SCORE 17. Ingredients: 6 p tomatoes, large. Hollow. Wilt. 100 g mushrooms, in oil. 100 g italian pickles (giardinera). 25 p olives. 25 ml capers. 50 ml peas, cooked. 200 ml white beans. Cook. Preparation: [A] Chop mushrooms, italian pickles, and olives, coarsely. Add capers, peas, and white beans. Dress with mayonnaise, 250 ml. [B] Stuff tomatoes with [A] (if some filling is left over, it may be placed in a mound surrounded by the tomatoes.).
MANZO BRASATO (BRAISED BEEF LOMBARD STYLE); SCORE 17. Ingredients: 60 g butter. 60 ml olive oil. 1500 g beef, rump. Roll. Tie. 60 g bacon. Cut up, thin strips. 1 p clove. 1 p garlic. 1 p onion. Chop. 3 p carrot. Slice, thickly. 2 p celery. Slice, thickly. 250 ml red wine (barolo or barbera). salt. pepper. 30 ml tomato paste. 150 ml stock. Preparation: [A] Add olive oil to butter. [B] Lard beef with bacon. [C] Brown [A] in [B]. Add clove, garlic, onion, carrot, celery, and red wine. Simmer, 3 h. Add salt and pepper. [D] Add stock to tomato paste. [E] Add [D] to [C]. Simmer, 2 h. Wait, 24 h. Reheat. Remove vegetables and meat. Sieve. Pour over meat. Garnish with vegetables.
<*BISTECCHE ALLA SICILIANA (SICILIAN BEEFSTEAK); SCORE 15. *garlic, 2 p =crush *olive oil, 125 ml /saute in *:garlic /remove *beef steaks, small, 6 p /add =saute, searing, 2 min per side *black olives, pitted, 100 g /add *sweet peppers, pickled, small, 100 g =slice /add *celery, 0.5 p =dice /add *capers, 40 ml /add *tomatoes, large, 6 p =peel =seed =chop /add *oregano, fresh, 3 g =chop /add =season =simmer, 5 min >
CROSTINI DI FEGATINI DI POLLO (CHICKEN LIVERS ON TOAST); SCORE 15. Ingredients: 50 g onion. Slice. 20 ml olive oil. 30 g butter. 30 g ham fat. 250 g chicken livers. Chop. 1 p sprig sage. salt. 5 ml lemon juice. 10 g parmesan. Grate. 6 p slices bread. Toast. Preparation: [A] Brown onion in olive oil, butter, and ham fat, lightly. Add chicken livers, sage, and salt. Simmer, 10 min. Add lemon juice and parmesan. Spread on bread. Pour over pan juices. Bake, 2 min.
SPAGHETTI ALLA PUTANESCA; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 600 g spaghetti. Blanch. 2 p garlic. 120 ml olive oil. 1 p garlic. Chop. 400 g tomatoes. Peel. Chop. 50 ml capers. 15 p black olives. 1 p chili pepper, hot. 5 g oregano. Chop. 1 g pepper. 100 g anchovy, fillet. Wast. Cut up. 3 p sprigs parsley. Mince. Preparation: [A] Brown garlic in olive oil. Remove garlic. [B] Add tomatoes, capers, black olives, chili pepper, oregano, and pepper to garlic. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Cook, 20 min. Add anchovy and parsley. Simmer, 2 min. [D] Remove chili. Chop. [E] Return [D] to [C]. [F] Dress spaghetti with [E].
<*RISOTTO CON LA ZUCCA (PUMPKIN RISOTTO); SCORE 17. *onion, 1 p =mince *butter, 50 g *oil, 30 g /and /saute in, gently *pumpkin, 1000 g =peel =seed =cut up, small pieces /add *water, 250 ml =bring to boil /add *salt /add =simmer, 15 min *rice, arborio, 500 g /add *water =bring to boil /add, risotto style =+simmer, 20 min, till tender *butter, 50 g /add *parmesan, 100 g =grate /add =cover =let stand, 2 min *parmesan =grate /serve with >
<*COPPIETTE (RISSOLES ROMAN STYLE); SCORE 15. [ *beef, raw, 750 g | *beef, cooked, 500 g ] =grind, twice *pork fat, 50 g =mince /add [ *garlic, 1 p =mince /add ] *parsley, 10 g =mince /add *marjoram, 10 g =mince /add *breadcrumbs (soft), 25 g /add *salt /add *pepper /add *nutmeg =grate /add *milk, 50 ml /add *eggs, 2 p =beat /add *parmesan, 25 g =grate /add *raisins, golden, 25 g /add *pine nuts, 25 g /add =knead =shape, balls =flatten *breadcrumbs (dry) /roll in =chill, 30 min =deep-fry [ [ *:tomato sauce | *:meat gravy ] /cover with =simmer, 5 min ] >
<*SAUSAGE AND POTATO PIE. *potatoes, 1.5 kg =boil, till soft =peel =mash *butter, 50 g /add *milk, 500 ml =bring to boil /add *parmesan, 75 g =grate /add *salt /add *nutmeg =grate /add *pepper /add =beat, till fluffy *sausages, italian, 6 p =skin =crumble =simmer, 15 min /add =bake, 200 イ, 20 min; in buttered dish, till golden >
<*FRITTATA CON LE MELE (APPLE OMELETTE); SCORE 14. *flour, 40 g *salt, 1 g /add *milk, 120 ml /add =mix *eggs, 2 p =beat /add *sugar, 20 g /add *lemon rind, of 1 p =grate /add =beat *apples, 2 p =peel =slice /stir in *butter, 30 g =melt /add =cook, till golden =fold *sugar, confectioner's /sprinkle with >
<*SQUID AND POTATOES GENOA STYLE; (TOTANI E PATATE IN TEGAME ALLA GENOVESE); SCORE 14. *garlic, 10 g =chop *parsley, 15 g =mince /and *olive oil, 75 ml /saute in *squid, 1 kg =slice, 25 mm /add =saute *white wine, 75 ml /add =cook, 2 min *salt /add *tomatoes, 200 g =cut up /add [ *marjoram, 1 g | *oregano, 1 g ] /add =simmer, 30 min *potatoes, 500 g =peel =slice, 30 mm /add *pepper /add =simmer, 40 min > FETTUCINE AL DOPPIO BURRO; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 750 g fettucine. Boil; till 1 min from al dente (salt water more than usual). Drain, reserving. 150 g butter, unsalted. Cut up. 300 ml cream ("double"). pepper, white. 150 g parmesan. Grate. Preparation: [A] Add butter to water (from fettucine), 50 ml. [B] Add [A] to fettucine to. Mix, 1 min. Add cream and pepper. Add parmesan, slowly. Mix (less than 1 min).
FETTUCINE AL SUGO DI CARNE E FEGATINI; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 0.5 p onion. Mince. 25 g lard. 25 g butter. 100 g mushrooms. Peel. Slice. 50 g cockscombs. Blanche. Skin. Julienne. 250 ml white wine. 100 g chicken livers. Slice. salt. pepper. 250 ml brown sauce. Heat. 750 g fettucine. Cook. Drain. 50 g parmesan. Grate. 75 g butter. 50 g parmesan. Grate. Preparation: [A] Fry onion in lard and butter, till golden. Add mushrooms. Cook, 1 min. Add cockscombs. Cook, 5 min. Add white wine. Reduce, almost completely. Add chicken livers, salt, and pepper. Cook. Add brown sauce. [B] Add parmesan and butter to fettucine. Mix. [C] Pour [A] over [B]. Serve with parmesan.
FETTUCINE CON POLLO, TARTUFFI E COGNAC; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 800 g chicken. 50 g butter. Melt. 15 ml brandy. 15 ml brandy. 150 ml cream. 750 g fettucine. Cook. 100 g butter. 75 g parmesan. Grate. 1 p truffle, fresh ("tinned widl not work"). Slice, thinly. 75 g parmesan. Grate. Preparation: [A] Pour chicken over butter. Bake, 15 min, 220 イ. Baste. Pour over brandy. Bake, 35 min. Pour over brandy. Bake, 10 min; should be roasted but not overdone. Skin. Bone. Julienne. Remove chicken. Add cream. Return chicken. Heat, gently. [B] Dress fettucine with butter and parmesan. [C] Mix [A] in [B]. Top with truffle. Serve with parmesan.
CLASSIC HARIRA WITH LENTILS; SCORE 16. Ingredients: 250 g mutton. Dice. 4 p soup bones, small. 500 g onions, boiling. 1 g saffron. 3 g pepper. 25 g butter. 1500 ml water. 250 g lentils. Blanche. 2500 ml water. 150 ml lemon juice. 1500 g tomatoes. 25 g butter. 200 g flour. 100 g parsley. Chop. 100 g cilantro. Chop. salt. Preparation: [A] Add soup bones, onions, saffron, pepper, butter, and water to mutton. Simmer (till onions tender). Remove onions. Simmer, 60 min. Return onions. Add lentils. Drain, reserving. [B] Add lemon juice, tomatoes, and butter to water. Simmer, 15 min. Thicken with flour. Add stock (from lentils), parsley, cilantro, and salt. [C] Add [B] to [A].
<*CHICKEN WITH [PRUNES #1|RAISINS #2] AND HONEY; SCORE 17. *chicken, 1 p, 1500 g [ =truss | =cut up ] *salt /sprinkle with *pepper, 3 g /sprinkle with *cinnamon stick, 1 p /add *onion, 1 p =grate /add *butter, 100 g /add *water, 200 ml /add =cover =simmer, till very tender *:chicken /remove [ *prunes, 250 g #1 | *golden raisins, 250 g #2 ] =wash /add =simmer, 15 min *cinnamon, ground, 2 g /add *honey, 30 ml /add =reduce, till unctuous *:chicken /return *almonds, 100 g =fry *sesame seeds =roast /and /garnish with >
<*SALADE DE POIVRONS ET TOMATES; SCORE 15. *green peppers, 3 p [ =skin ] =dice *tomatoes, 2 p [ =skin ] =seed =dice /add *salt /add *parsley, 20 g /add *cumin, 3 g /add *oil, 50 ml /add *lemon juice, 50 ml /add =chill > MEATBALL SOUP [WITH RICE #1|WITH RICE AND EGG AND LEMON SAUCE #2]; SCORE [14 #1]. Ingredients: 500 g beef. Grind, twice. 30 g rice. 75 g onion. Grate. 15 g parsley. Mince. salt. pepper. 3000 ml broth. Bring to boil. 30 g butter. Melt. 1 p garlic. 1 g salt. 10 g mint, dried. Preparation: [A] Add rice, onion, parsley, salt, and pepper to beef. Shape, 25 mm balls. Add broth. Simmer, 30 min. [B] Mash together garlic and salt. [C] Add [B] to butter. Saute. Add mint. [D] Add [C] to [A].
LENTIL SOUP I; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 200 g lentils, dried. 3000 ml stock. 200 g onion. Slice, thinly. 50 ml olive oil. salt. pepper. 25 ml lemon juice. Strain. 10 g parsley. Mince. Preparation: [A] Cook lentils in stock, till tender, 30 min. [B] Saute onion in olive oil, till golden. [C] Add [B], salt, and pepper to [A]. Cook 10 min. Add lemon juice and parsley. LENTIL SOUP II; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 200 g lentils, dried. 150 g onion. Slice, thinly. 25 g butter. 1000 ml broth, beef. 1 p bay leaf. 5 g paprika. salt. cayenne. 15 g tarragon. Mince. Preparation: [A] Simmer onion in butter. [B] Stir lentils into [A]. Cook, 2 min. Add broth, bay leaf, paprika, salt, and cayenne. Simmer, till tender. Discard bay leaf. Puree. Reheat. Sprinkle with tarragon.
MEAT PIES; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 500 g lamb. Grind. 2 p onion. Mince. 1 p green pepper, small. Mince. 1 p tomato. Peel. Seed. Chop. 75 g parsley. Mince. 3 g mint. Mince. 1 p garlic. Mince. 30 ml tomato paste. 50 ml lemon juice. Strain. 1 g cayenne. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Roll dough, 80 mm rounds. [B] Add onion, green pepper, tomato, parsley, mint, garlic, tomato paste, lemon juice, cayenne, salt, and pepper to lamb. [C] Spread [A] with [B], to 5 mm of edge. Bake, 225 イ, 12 min. Wrap, in foil, meat sides together. Let stand, 10 min. Serve with green salad. --DOUGH. Ingredients: 320 g flour. Sift. 3 g salt. 3 g sugar. 1 p cake yeast, compressed. 125 ml water. 60 g butter. Melt. 60 ml water. Preparation: [A] Add salt and sugar to flour. [B] Dissolve yeast in water. [C] Add [B], butter, and water to [A]. Blend. Knead. Let rise. Cut up, 14 p. Let rise, 15 min.
<*BAKED PORK AND BEEF WITH WHEAT; SCORE 15. *:stuffing *:keyma /and =layer (stuffing-keyma-stuffing) *butter, 50 g =clarify /dot with =bake, 175 イ, 40 min, till lightly browned [ *lemons =cut up, wedges | *:apricot soup ] /serve with
<*STUFFING. *ground beef, 250 g *onion, 75 g =grate /add *salt /add *pepper /add >
<*KEYMA. *bulghur, fine, 200 g =soak, 10 min =drain, in cheesecloth, squeezing *pork, 500 g =grind, twice /add *onion, 100 g =mince /add *salt /add *pepper /add =knead >>
<*MEAT TARTS; SCORE 14. [ *flour, 175 g *salt, 3 g /sift together *butter, 125 g /work in *water, 45 ml /add (dough should be soft but not sticky) | *buttermilk biscuit dough ] =roll out, 2 mm thick =cut up, circles, 75 mm diameter (with cooky cutter) *:filling for boeregs /stuff with (fold over to make crescents and seal with cold water) *egg, 1 p =beat /brush with =bake, 200 イ, 15 min, till golden, greased pan
<*FILLING FOR BOEREGS. [ *eggs, 2 p =beat [ *cottage cheese, 250 g | *munster, 250 g =grate ] /add *feta, 125 g =grate /add [ *parsley, 25 g =mince /add ] =blend | *onion, 1 p =mince *butter, 25 g /simmer in *lamb, 250 g =grind /add [ *garlic, 1 p /add #1 ] =saute, lightly *tomato, 100 g =peel =seed =chop /add *salt /add *pepper /add [ *curry powder, 3 g /add #1 ] =cook, 10 min, till browned *pine nuts, 20 g /add [ *parsley, 15 g =mince /add *basil, 5 g =mince /add *oregano, 3 g /add #2 ] | *onion, 1 p =mince *olive oil, 50 ml /simmer in *spinach, 250 g =chop /add =simmer, 10 min, till dry =+stir =remove from heat *milk, 15 ml /add =cool *feta, 75 g =grate /add [ *parmesan, 25 g | *romano, 25 g ] /add *egg, 1 p =beat /add *salt /add *pepper /add ] >>
<*LAMB AND LENTIL STEW; SCORE 14. *lamb, lean, 500 g =cube, 25 mm *onion, 300 g =mince /add *butter, 25 g /brown in *tomatoes, 400 g =peel =seed =chop /add *tomato paste, 15 ml /add *broth, beef, 250 ml /add *salt /add *pepper /add =cook, moderate heat, till almost tender *lentils, 200 g =blanch, 10 min /add =cook, till done *lemon juice, 25 ml /add [ *:rice pilaf with noodles /serve with ] > BAKED EGGPLANT, GROUND MEAT, AND TOMATO CASSEROLE (SIMPOOG MOUSSAKA); SCORE 15. Ingredients: 2 p eggplant. Trim. Slice, crosswise, 15 mm. Wilt. 90 g butter. Clarify. 1 p onion, large. Mince. 30 g butter. Clarify. 500 g lamb, ground. 2 p tomatoes. Peel. Seed. Mince. 5 g cinnamon. salt. pepper. 3 p eggs. Beat. Preparation: [A] Saute eggplant in butter, till golden. [B] Simmer onion in butter, till soft. Add lamb. Brown. Add tomatoes, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Cook, 5 min. [C] Layer [A] and [B]; in buttered baking dish. Bake, 35 min, 190 イ. Top with eggs. Bake, 15 min.
BAKED LAMB AND WHEAT WITH STUFFING; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 100 g butter. water. Preparation: [A] Layer keyma and stuffing(keyma-stuffing-keyma; moisten hands), in 230 mm x 330 mm x 33 mm pan. Cut up, into squares (use wet knife). Dot with butter. Sprinkle with water. Bake, 290 イ, 50 min, till lightly browned. Serve with armenian green beans and combination salad. --STUFFING. Ingredients: 300 g onions. Mince. 100 g butter. 500 g lamb. Grind. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Simmer onions in butter. Add lamb. Drain (of fat). Add salt and pepper. --KEYMA. Ingredients: 350 g bulghur. water, to cover. 1000 g lamb. Grind, thrice. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Add water to bulghur. Drain, in cheesecloth, in colander. Squeeze. [B] Add salt and pepper to lamb. [C] Add [B] to [A].
GREEN PEPPERS AND TOMATOES STUFFED WITH MEAT; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 5 p green peppers. Hollow. 5 p tomatoes. Hollow, reserving. 10 ml lemon juice. salt. salt. 500 ml broth. 25 ml lemon juice. 10 g mint, dried. Crush. Preparation: [A] Sprinkle tomatoes with lemon juice and salt. [B] Stuff green peppers and [A] with stuffing. Layer (tomatoes on peppers). Sprinklw tih salt. Pour over broth. Add pulp, half and lemon juice. Bring to boil. Cover. Simmer, 1 h. Add mint. Simmer, 5 min. Serve with green salad and bread. --STUFFING. Ingredients: error. 500 g lamb. Grind. 200 g bulghur. 200 g onion. Mince. 20 g parsley. Mince. 20 g mint. Mince. salt. cayenne. paprika. Preparation: [A] Add bulghur and onion to lamb. [B] Take parsley and mint. [C] Add [B], salt, cayenne, paprika, and pulp (from tomatoes), half to [A]. Knead (thoroughly). [D] Error error [C].
RICE PILAF WITH CHICKEN LIVERS AND SCALLIONS; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 30 g pine nuts. 15 g butter. 15 g butter. 125 g chicken livers. 12 p scallions. Chop. 30 g dill. Mince. salt. pepper. 250 g rice. 60 g butter. 500 ml stock, chicken. Bring to boil. 40 g currants. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Brown pine nuts in butter. Remove nuts. Add butter, chicken livers, and scallions. Saute. Add dill. Return nuts. Add salt and pepper. [B] Simmer rice in butter, 1 min. Add stock, currants, salt, and pepper. Simmer, 20 min. [C] Fold [A] into [B], gently.
<*TABBOULEH; (CRACKED WHEAT SALAD.) SCORE 15. *bulghur, fine, 200 g =soak, 20 min =drain, in cheesecloth, squeezing *cucumber, 1 p =peel =quarter =dice [ =seed ] /add *tomato, 200 g =seed =chop /add *green pepper, 1 p =mince /add [ *onion, 100 g | *scallion, 100 g ] =mince /add *parsley, 100 g =mince /add *olive oil, 100 ml /add *lemon juice, 100 ml =strain /add *salt /add *pepper /add *romaine /garnish with >
MURGH YAKHNI (CHICKEN EN DAUBE); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1500 g chicken, roasting, 1 p. Skin. Wash. Drain. Dry. Prick. 2 g ginger, powdered. salt, a little. 7 p onions. Mince. 1 g saffron. 3 p cardamom. Grind. 60 g butter, clarified. Melt. 2 p chilis, fresh or dried. 1 p bay leaf. 1 g nutmeg. 5 g salt. 150 ml stock, jellied. Preparation: [A] Add salt and onions to ginger. [B] Rub chicken with [A]. Marinate, 120 min. Drain, reserving. Stuff with forcemeat. Truss. Rub with saffron and cardamom. Add marinade; in earthenware casserole. Pour over butter. Add chilis, bay leaf, nutmeg, and salt. Moisten with stock. Cover. Seal, with paste. Bring to boil. Bake, 4 h, 150 イ. Shake, 3 times, to moisten. --FORCEMEAT. Ingredients: 1 p onion. Mince. 60 g butter. Clarify. 500 g mutton. Mince. 10 g coriander, ground. 2 g fenugreek. 1 p bay leaf. Crumble. 5 g salt. water, to half cover. Preparation: [A] Fry onion in butter, till golden. Add mutton. Cover, 2 min. Shake. Uncover. Fry, till browned. Add coriander, fenugreek, bay leaf, salt, and water. Boil, till dry.
CHICKEN BHOGAR STYLE; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 1500 g chicken. Cut up, small pieces. Skin. 50 g butter. Clarify. 5 g ginger, fresh. 3 p cardamom. 5 g mint. Chop. 5 g coriander seeds. 250 ml milk. 50 g butter. Clarify. 5 g cinnamon, stick. Splinter. 1 g asafoetida. 6 p lovage seed. Crush. 100 ml stock, chicken. 3 g salt. 5 g coriander seeds, ground. 125 ml cream, double. Preparation: [A] Fry chicken in butter, high heat, 2 min. Stir. [B] Add cardamom, mint, and coriander seeds to ginger. Grind. Add milk. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Simmer, 10 min. Add butter. Remove chicken and liquid. Add cinnamon. Give a bhogar. Return chicken. Cover. Shake. Cook, very low heat, 1 min. Add asafoetida. Shake. Give a bhogar. Add lovage seed. Shake. Give a bhogar. Let stand, lowest heat, 3 min. Add stock and salt. Simmer, till dry. Add liquid (from chicken), 250 ml; 20 ml at a time 4 times, then the rest. Cover. Simmer, till tender. Add coriander seeds. Uncover. Cook, till sauce reduced to 50 ml. Add cream. Give a dum, moderate oven, 2 min.
PORK PILAU WITH COCONUT; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 400 g pork fillet. Cut up, 500 mm pieces. 75 mm ginger, green. 1 p head garlic. 50 ml water. 125 ml honey. 15 ml water. 30 g almonds, blanched. Halve. 400 g rice. Soak, 60 min. Drain. 1 g nutmeg. Grate. 25 g pistachio nuts, shelled. 1 g saffron. 10 g aniseed, ground. 50 g coconut. Grate. 7 g cumin, black. 90 g butter. Melt. salt. Preparation: [A] Simmer pork fillet in akni, 1000 ml, 90 min, till tender. Drain, reserving. Dry. [B] Add garlic and water to ginger. Pound. [C] Coat [A] with [B]. [D] Add water to honey. Heat. Add almonds. [E] Add [D] to [C]. Simmer, 5 min. Add onion mixture. Cover with rice. [F] Reduce akni, to 100 ml. [G] Pour [E] over [F] (without stirring). Add nutmeg and pistachio nuts. Sprinkle with saffron and aniseed. Add coconut and cumin. Pour over butter. Cover. Bring to boil. Bake, 160 イ, 35 min. Let stand, 7 min. Add salt. Stir, to mix well. --ONION MIXTURE. Ingredients: 2 p onions. Slice, thinly. 25 g butter. 250 ml yogurt. Whip. 6 p cloves. 6 p cardamoms. Crush. Preparation: [A] Saute onions in butter. Add yogurt, cloves, and cardamoms.
PORK CURRY WITH EGGS; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 1000 g pork chops. 75 g butter. Clarify. 2 p red chilis, fresh or dried. 3 g turmeric. 25 mm x 25 mm piece orange peel. Mince. 75 mm water). Bring to boil. salt. 8 p turnips, small. 1 g nutmet. Grate. 2 g cinnamon. 3 p cardamom. Crush. 1 p pimiento, green. 1 p pimiento, red. 5 g ginger. Grate. 6 p eggs. Hard-boil. Pierce, with fork. 3 g parsley. Mince. Preparation: [A] Brown pork chops in butter. Remove pork. Add red chilis. Fry, gently. Add turmeric. Fry, gently, 1 min. Return pork. Add orange peel and water. Simmer, 50 min. Remove pork. Strain. Add salt. Bring to boil. Add turnips, nutmet, cinnamon, and cardamom. Cook, till falling apart. [B] Remove turnips. Puree. [C] Return [B] and pork to [A]. [D] Julienne pimiento and pimiento. [E] Add [D], ginger, eggs, and parsley to [C]. Cover. Simmer, 30 min, till tender. Let stand, lowest heat, 12 min.
PIQUANT MUTTON CURRY; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 100 g butter. Clarify. 750 g beef. Cube. Prick. 4 p onions. Mince. 10 g pepper. 5 g paprika. 20 g mustard seed. Dry-fry, lightly. 10 mm piece cinnamon. Grind. 10 ml oil. 4 p onions. Slice, rings. 10 g fenugreek. 10 g ginger, green. Mince. 10 g mint. Mince. 1 g salt. 1 g asafoetida. Preparation: [A] Add pepper, paprika, mustard seed, and cinnamon to onions. Blenderize. Add oil. [B] Rub beef with [A]. Marinate, 120 min. [C] Layer butter, [B], onions, fenugreek, and ginger, repeating once. Add mint, salt, and broth. Bring to boil. Simmer, 1 h, till done (keep water 50 ml above meat). Add asafoetida. Mix. Let stand, 10 min. --BROTH. Ingredients: 500 g bones, mutton. Crack. 150 g onions. Grate. 1 p garlic. Crush. 1 l water. Preparation: [A] Add onions, garlic, and water to bones. Boil. Cool. Skim off fat.
[BRAISED CHICKEN #1|KORMA #2] PILAU; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 400 g rice. Soak, 60 min. Drain. 50 g butter. 8 p cardamom. Bruise. 1 g nutmeg. Grate. 2 p bay leaves. Crush. 50 g sultanas. Wash. salt. 40 mm stock). 50 g almonds, blanched. Cut up, slivers. 2 p onions. Slice, thinly. 15 g butter. parsley. Chop. 5 ml rose water. Preparation: [A] Fry rice in butter, till translucent. Add cardamom, nutmeg, and bay leaves. Fry, 1 min. [B] Heat korma. [C] Add [B] and sultanas to [A]. Ad salt. Add stock. Simmer, 5ill done. [D] Add onions to almonds. Fry in butter. [E] Sprinkle [C] with [D], parsley, and rose water. Cover. Bake, 15 min, 160 イ. --KORMA. Ingredients: 1500 g chicken. Skin. Clean. Dry. Prick, all over. 30 mm ginger, green. 4 p cardamoms. 1 p pimiento. 4 p garlic. 3 p onions. Grate. 100 g onions. Mince. 30 g raisins. Mince. 25 g coriander. 25 g cumin. 1 p bay leaf. 50 g almonds. 125 g butter. 150 ml yogurt. 3 p chilis. Seed. Chop, coarsely. 100 ml lemon juice. water. Preparation: [A] Add cardamoms, pimiento, garlic, and onions to ginger. Grind, to make paste. [B] Rub chicken with [A]. Let stand, 30 min. [C] Add raisins, coriander, cumin, bay leaf, and almonds to onions. Grind together. Fry in butter, till browned. Add yogurt, slowly. Add chilis. [D] Add [C] to [B] to
. Fry, 3 min. Add lemon juice. Cook, till tender; sauce should be velvety. Add water, if necessary. Error any lamb, mutton, or pork korma (made without turmeric or saffron).
<*SQUID SAMBAL; SCORE 14. [ *macadamia nuts, 4 p | *almonds, 4 p ] *chilis, hot, dried, 6 p /add =blenderize *blachan (shrimp paste), 2 g /add *onion, yellow, 1 p =mince /add =blenderize *oil /fry in *lemon grass, 1 p stalk =slice /add =fry, till dark brown *:tamarind water, 75 ml /add *brown sugar, 15 g /add =reduce heat *squid, 5 p =clean =quarter /add =cook, till oily and dry [ *paprika /add (don't overdue--cnn) ] > CHICKEN CURRY; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 50 g coriander seeds. 5 g cumin seeds. 5 gk fennel seeds. 25 mm piece cinnamon, stick. 2 p cloves. 15 p chilies, hot, dried. 7 g turmeric. 75 ml oil. 2 p onion. Grate. 1 p stalk lemon grass. Slice, finely. 2 p slices laos, fresh. 2 g blachan (shrimp paste). salt. 100 ml coconut milk, thick. 1 p chicken. Cut up. 400 ml coconut milk, thin. 100 ml coconut milk, thick. Preparation: [A] Add cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, cloves, chilies, and turmeric to coriander seeds. Fry in oil. Add onion, lemon grass, laos, blachan, and salt. Fry. Add coconut milk and chicken. Stir. Add coconut milk. Cover. Simmer, till tender. Add coconut milk(sans stirring). Let stand, a while (may be prepared ahead of time).
CHICKEN SATE (SATE AJAM); SCORE 14. Ingredients: 3 p chicken breast. Bone. Cube. 2 p garlic. Chop. 30 ml soy sauce, darmk. 30 ml water. 1 p onion, yellow, small. Chop. 15 ml oil. 4 g chili. Grind. 5 p macadamia nuts. 125 g peanut butter, crunchy. 180 ml coconut milk, thin. chili, hot, red. Mince. Preparation: [A] Add soy sauce and water to garlic. [B] Marinate chicken breast in [A], 30 min. Skewer. Grill, over charcoal (preferably). [C] Add oil, chili, macadamia nuts, and peanut butter to onion. Grind (in blender). Fry, briefly. Add coconut milk. Simmer, till thickened. [D] Pour [B] over [C]. Sprinkle with chili.
<*CHICKEN CURRY (GULE AJAM); SCORE 15. *onion, yellow, 1 p =chop *cloves, 3 p /add *cinnamon, 3 g /add *oil, 15 ml /saute in *:paste /add *water, a little /add *lemon grass, 25 mm piece =crush /add *coconut, 50 g =grate =dry-fry, till yellow =grind /add *chicken, 1 p =cut up /add =simmer, 15 min *coconut milk, 500 ml, thick /add =simmer, till almost done [ *lemon juice, 15 ml | *lime juice, 15 ml ] /add =simmer, 5 min
<*PASTE. *ginger, green, 25 mm piece *peppercorns, 10 p /add *cumin, 3 g /add *fennel seeds, 3 g /add *coriander seeds, 5 g /add *turmeric, 3 g /add *chilis, dried, 7 p /add =grind, into powder [ *macadamia nuts, 3 p | *almonds, 3 p ] /add =grind *garlic, 2 p /add =grind *tomato, large, 1 p /add =grind [ *water, a little /add, if necessary =grind ] >>
<*[CHICKEN #1|DUCK #2|BEEF #3] CURRY (KAENG PHET KAI, KAENG PHET NUA); SCORE 15. [ *chicken, medium, 1 p =bone #1 | *duck #2 | *beef, 750 g =dice #3 ] *coconut milk, thin, 500 ml /add =simmer, 15 min =remove from heat *:meat /remove *:liquid (all but 250 ml) /remove *:spice paste /add =cook =+stir (till evaporated and cooked) *:liquid /return, little by little =+stir =+cook (till oil comes out and sauce is thickened) *:meat /return *lime leaves, 5 p =tear /add [ *chillies, fresh (birdseye), 5 p /add ] [ *baby eggplants, green, hard, 5 p /add ] *fish sauce, to taste /add =boil, 5 min *coconut milk, thick, 250 ml /add =stir =simmer, till thickened *basil, 10 g =tear /add
<*SPICE PASTE. *chillies, dried, 7 p (makes it very hot) [ *cardamon pods, 6 p /add *mace, 1 g /add #2,3 ] *peppercorns, 10 g /add *coriander seeds, 20 g /add *cumin, 3 g /add *salt, 5 g /add =blenderize *coriander root, small, 5 p =chop /add *garlic, 8 p /add *onion, yellow, 1 p =chop /add *lime peel, 10 mm x 30 mm =mince /add *blachan, 7 ml /add =blenderize *:thick coconut milk (from main recipe) /+add, if necessary *lemon grass, 10 g =slice, thinly /add >>
<*SATAY; SCORE 16. [ *steak, 500 g | *chicken breast, 500 g ] =cube (15 mm on a side) =skewer *coconut oil /baste with [ =grill | =broil ] *:sauce /pour over (in plate) *cucumbers =cube (do not peel) /serve with *rice =cook /serve with
<*SAUCE. *coriander, 10 g *salt /add *fennel, 5 g /add *cumin, 5 g /add *chili, ground, 5 g /add =blenderize *onions, 2 p =chop /add *garlic, 1 p =chop /add *blachan, 1 ml /add *oil, 25 ml /fry in, till cooked *peanuts, roasted, 150 g =grind, coarsely /add *thick coconut milk, 150 ml /add *!tamarind water, 50 ml /add *brown sugar, 5 g /add =simmer, 10 min *lemon juice, of 0.5 p /add >>
BRAISED CHICKEN IN SPICES; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 5 p chillies, red, dried. Mince. 5 p shallots. Mince. 5 g shrimp paste. 1 stalk lemon grass. 5 p garlic. Slice. 5 p coriander roots. Chop. 5 g laos powder. 5 g cinnamon, ground. 75 ml oil. 1.5 kg chicken. Cut up. 200 ml water. 5 g tamarind. 25 ml water, hot. 25 ml fish sauce. rice. Boil. Preparation: [A] Add shallots, shrimp paste, lemon grass, garlic, coriander roots, laos powder, and cinnamon to chillies. Fry in oil; till aroma has mellowed. Add chicken. Stir, till coated. Add water. Bring to boil. Cover. Simmer, till cooked. [B] Dissolve tamarind in water. [C] Add [B] and fish sauce to [A]. Serve with rice.
<*CHICKEN WITH GINGER. *onion, 1 p =slice *oil, 50 ml /saute in, till translucent *garlic, 5 p =chop /add *:onions /remove *:garlic /remove *chicken, 1.5 kg =skin =bone =cut up; bite-sized pieces /add =chow, 2 min *soy sauce, 25 ml /add *ginger, 15 g =mince /add *mint leaves,, 10 g /add *mushrooms, dried, chinese, 8 p =soak /add *scallions, 5 p =cut up, 25 mm pieces /add [ *chillies, red, 2 p =seed =sliver | *chillies, red, dried, 5 g ] /add *:onions /return *:garlic /return *vinegar, rice wine, 25 ml /add *sugar, 5 g /add *fish sauce, 25 ml /add *mint, 5 g /top with *rice =boil /serve with >
CHILLI BEEF. Ingredients: 500 g beef. Slice, very thin. 25 g ginger. Crush. Mince. 15 g palm sugar. 25 ml soy sauce. 2 p garlic. Crush. Mince. 50 ml oil. 400 g corn, miniature. 2 p sweet peppers, green. Seed. Cut up, 10 mm squares.  5 p mushrooms, dried, chinese. Soak. Slice. 1 p onion, white. Slice; pole to pole, into slivers. 4 p chillies. Slice. 75 mm stock, beef. 10 g cornstarch. 25 ml water. 25 ml oyster sauce. 25 ml fish sauce. rice. Boil. Preparation: [A] Add ginger, palm sugar, soy sauce, and garlic to beef. Marinate, 30 min. Drain, reserving. Chow in oil. Add corn, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onion, and chillies. Chow, 1 min. Add marinade and stock. Simmer, 3 min. [B] Add water to cornstarch. [C] Thicken [A] with [B]. Add oyster sauce and fish sauce. Serve with rice.
ROULEAUX AUX CREVETTES. Ingredients: 1 p rice sheet. Soften, on moistened towel. 10 g pork, boiled. Dice. 2 p shrimp. 10 g rice vermicelli. chives. lettuce. sprouts. mint. peanuts, roasted. Grind. Preparation: [A] Stuff rice sheet with pork, shrimp, rice vermicelli, chives, lettuce, sprouts, and mint. [B] Sprinkle salted soy bean paste with peanuts. [C] Serve [A] with [B].
<*LAMELLES DE BOEUF EN BROCHETTES. *flank steak, 600 g =cube *citronelle, 15 g =soak /add *garlic, 2 p =crush /add *onion, 100 g =mince /add *salt, 3 g /add *msg, 3 g /add *five spice powder, 3 g /add =marinate, 15 min *bacon, 100 g =julienne *onion, 100 g =julienne /and /skewer; wrapping steak around onion and bacon =grill *peanuts, roasted =grind /sprinkle with *lettuce *mint /and *coriander /and *cucumber =slice /and *rice noodles =cook /and *nuoc mam southern style /and /garnish with >
BOILED SEA BASS WITH SAUCE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 75 ml oil, peanut. Heat, till smoking hot. 3 p garlic. Mince. 15 g ginger. Mince. 2 p scallions. Slice. 1 g salt. 100 ml soy sauce. 15 ml sherry. 1 kg sea bass, whole. Blanche, 3 min. Let stand, 15 min. Drain. 2 p scallions. Slice. Preparation: [A] Add ginger, scallions, salt, soy sauce, and sherry to garlic. Pour over sea bass. [B] Pour oil over [A]. Garnish with scallions.
NOODLES WITH PORK AND SALTED BROWN BEAN SAUCE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 25 ml oil. 30 g bean sauce, brown or yellow. Mash. 1 p garlic. Mince. 3 g salt. 5 g ginger. Mince. 500 g pork, ground. 25 ml hoisin sauce. 3 g sugar. 15 ml soy sauce, dark. 6 p mushrooms, black, dried. Soak, 15 min. Drain. Slice. 150 ml water. 500 g egg noodles. Blanch. Preparation: [A] Add garlic, salt, and ginger to bean sauce. [B] Chown oil in [A], 0.25 min. [C] Add hoisin sauce, sugar, and soy sauce to pork. Marinate, 15 min. [D] Add [C] and mushrooms to [B]. Chow, till pork done. Add water. Cover. Cook, medium heat, 5 min. Serve over egg noodles.
GRAND DUKE'S CHICKEN WITH PEANUTS; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 100 g peanuts, fresh (must be fresh). Skin, if necessary.  50 ml oil. 2 p sweet peppers, green. Dice. 3 g salt. 50 ml oil. 10 p garlic. Mince. 25 g ginger. Mince. 5 p chillies, red, dried. Dice. 2 p chicken, breast. Bone. Cube. 20 ml soy sauce. 3 g sugar. 5 ml sesame oil. 5 ml rice wine. 1 p egg white. cornstarch. 15 ml soy sauce. Preparation: [A] Chow peanuts in oil, 3 min. Remove peanuts. Add sweet peppers. Chow, 30 s. Add salt. Chow, 45 s. Remove peppers. Wipe out pan. Add oil, garlic, ginger, and chillies. Chow, 20 s. [B] Add soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, rice wine, egg white, and cornstarch to chicken. Marinate. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Chow, 1 min. Return peppers. Chow, 1 min. Add soy sauce. Chow, 15 s. Return peanuts. Chow, 30 s.
<*POTATOES, GREEN PEPPERS, AND PORK SHREDS; SCORE 15. *potatoes, 3 p =peel =shred (keep crisp in cold water) *salt, 3 g /and *rice wine vinegar, 5 ml /and *oil, 50 ml /chow in, 2 min *rice wine vinegar, 5 ml /add *:potatoes /remove *oil, 50 ml /add *salt, 1 g /add [ *sweet peppers, green, 2 p | *chillies, green, 5 p ] =shred /add [ *leek, 1 p =shred /add ] =chow, 30 s *:meat mixture /add *:potatoes /return =chow, 2 min *szechuan peppercorns, ground, 1 g /add =chow (do not overcook; the potatoes should still be crisp)
<*MEAT MIXTURE. *pork, 400 g =shred *scallion, 3 g =cut up, 25 mm lengths /add *soy sauce, 50 ml /add *sesame oil, 3 ml /add *cornstarch /add >> SPICY CHINESE CABBAGE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1 p chinese cabbage. Slice, 25 mm. 50 ml oil, peanut. 15 ml chili paste. salt. 100 ml water. 15 g cornstarch. 50 ml water. Preparation: [A] Chow chinese cabbage in oil and chili paste, 5 min. Add salt and water. Cover. Boil, 10 min. [B] Add water to cornstarch. [C] Thicken [A] with [B].
<*CHICKEN CROQUETTES; SCORE 15. *dried mushrooms, 3 p =soak, 15 min =drain =mince *carrot, 30 g =blanch =mince /add *scallions, 2 p =mince /add *chicken, cooked, 500 g =mince /add *egg, 1 p /add *bread crumbs, 90 g /add *sake, 15 ml /add *soy sauce, 15 ml /add *sugar, 5 g /add *salt, 3 g /add *msg, 1 g /add =mix =shape, 25 mm balls *oil, 50 ml /brown in [ *nori, 2 p sheets =toast =crumble /sprinkle with | *parsley =chop /roll in ] > DEEP-FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS; SCORE 16. Ingredients: 500 g chicken livers. Slice, 5 mm. 25 ml soy sauce. 25 ml sake. 20 g garlic. Grate. Squeeze. 25 g cornflour. Preparation: [A] Add sake and garlic to soy sauce. [B] Marinate chicken livers in [A], 30 min. Add cornflour, to make batter. Deep-fry, 15 g at a time.
<*CHICKEN TERIYAKI; SCORE 14. *soy sauce, 100 ml *mirin, 50 ml /add *sake, 50 ml /add *sugar, 10 g /add *red pepper, 1 g /add *garlic, 1 p =mince /add =bring to boil *chicken, 1 p =cut up /marinate in, 30 min =drain, reserving =dry [ *oil, 25 ml /brown in *:marinade /add *water, a little /add =cover =simmer, 20 min | =bake, 45 min *:marinade /+baste with ] >
<*PORK AND BAMBOO SHOOTS; SCORE 14. *pork, 500 g =cube, 20 mm *bamboo shoots, 2 p =slice, 5 mm /and *oil, 30 ml /chow in, 3 min *soy sauce 60 ml /add *sake, 30 ml /add *sugar, 5 g /add *red pepper, 1 g /add *msg, 1 g /add =cook, 5 min *peas, 100 g =blanch /add =cook, 1 min > PORK WITH MUSTARD SAUCE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 6 p pork, cutlets. 15 ml oil. 50 ml sake. 50 ml soy sauce. 10 g sugar. 20 g sesame seeds. Toast. Crush. 10 g mustard, dry. water. 1 p scallion. Mince. Preparation: [A] Brown pork in oil, quickly. Add sake, soy sauce, sugar, and sesame seeds. Simmer, 5 min. [B] Add water to mustard. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Simmer, 3 min. Garnish with scallion.
SAUTEED STEAK WITH SESAME SEEDS; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 6 p beef, steaks. 2 p scallions. 1 p garlic. 15 ml sake. 5 g sugar. 25 g sesame seeds. Toast. Crush. 125 ml soy sauce. 65 ml dashi. 1 g red pepper. 20 g ginger. Grate. Preparation: [A] Mince scallions and garlic. Add sake, sugar, and sesame seeds. [B] Marinate beef in [A], 20 min. Drain. Grill, over charcoal (preferably). [C] Add dashi, red pepper, and ginger to soy sauce. [D] Serve [B] with [C].
LAMB KEBABS; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 500 g lamb, chops. Cut up, 20 mm squares. 125 ml soy sauce. 2 p garlic. Mince. 60 ml mirin. 15 g sugar. 1 g red pepper. 1 g pepper. 1 g msg. 4 p leeks. Cut up, 25 mm lengths. 1 p onion. Cut up, 25 mm. Preparation: [A] Add garlic, mirin, sugar, red pepper, pepper, and msg to soy sauce. Bring to boil. [B] Marinate lamb in [A], 30 min. [C] Skewer [B], leeks, and onion. Grill, over charcoal (preferably). Turn. Baste with marinade, thrice.
LENTIL SOUP CREOLE; SCORE 15 (I USE BACON AND CHICKEN BROTH). Ingredients: 50 g butter. Melt. 1 g bakon yeast. 3 g vegetable broth powder. 1 p onion. Chop. 1 p celery. Chop. 1 p sweet pepper, green. Chop. 3 g brown sugar. 1 p bay leaf. 2000 ml water. Bring to boil. 250 g lentils. 7 g salt. 75 g tomato puree. 20 g flour. pepper. Preparation: [A] Add bakon yeast, vegetable broth powder, onion, celery, sweet pepper, brown sugar, and bay leaf to butter. Saute. [B] Pour water over lentils. Add salt. Let stand, 60 min. [C] Add [B] to [A]. Simmer, 90 min. [D] Add flour to tomato puree. [E] Thicken [C] with [D]. Add pepper.
POTATO SOUP; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 5 p potatoes. Peel. Dice. 4 p leeks. Trim (of tough green parts). Chop. 1000 ml water. 375 ml milk. 2 g carraway seed. 20 g dill weed. salt. pepper. 50 ml sour cream. 30 g butter. Preparation: [A] Add leeks and water to potatoes. Boil, 30 min. Add milk, carraway seed, dill weed, salt, and pepper. Simmer, 20 min. Add sour cream and butter.
PEA SOUP WITH BUTTER DUMPLINGS; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 800 g peas, fresh. 1000 ml water. salt. pepper. 100 ml white wine (rhine). 50 g butter. 50 g flour. 90 g butter. Soften. 2 p eggs. 75 g flour. salt. 1 g nutmeg. Preparation: [A] Add water to peas. Boil, 30 min. Sieve. Add salt, pepper, and white wine. [B] Add flour to butter. Make a roux. [C] Thicken [A] with [B]. [D] Beat eggs with flour. [E] Beat butter with [D]. Add salt and nutmeg. [F] Drop [C] into [E], by 3 g portions. Simmer, 5 min (after dumplings rise to top).
DILL SOUP; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1500 ml potato peel broth. 1 p potato. Cut up. 1 p carrot. Cut up. 1 p celery. Cut up. salt. pepper. 2 p eggs. Beat. 150 ml sour cream. 50 g dill weed, fresh. Mince. Preparation: [A] Add potato, carrot, and celery to potato peel broth. Simmer, 1 h. Puree. Add salt and pepper. [B] Add sour cream and dill weed to eggs. [C] Thicken [A] with [B] (will curdle!).
CURRIED STUFFED EGGS; SCORE 15. Ingredients: 6 p eggs, hard-boiled. Halve. 30 ml sour cream. 20 g dill weed. 150 g mushrooms. butter. salt. pepper. 100 g roux. 500 ml milk. Bring to boil. 7 g curry powder. salt. pepper. paprika. Preparation: [A] Add sour cream and dill weed to yolks. [B] Saute mushrooms in butter. Chop. [C] Add [B], salt, and pepper to [A]. [D] Stuff eggs with [C]. [E] Make a sauce with roux and milk. Add curry powder, salt, and pepper. [F] Pour [D] over [E]. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake, 180 イ, 10 min.
RAGOUT OF POTATOES; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 5 g bakon yeast. 50 g butter. 2 p onions, large. Chop. 3 p garlic. Mince. 1500 g potatoes. Peel. Dice. 250 ml stock. 5 g tarragon. salt. pepper. water, to cover. 25 ml olive oil. 10 ml vinegar, wine. parsley. Chop. Preparation: [A] Saute bakon yeast in butter. Add onions and garlic. Saute, till translucent. Add potatoes. Cook, 5 min. Add stock, tarragon, salt, pepper, and water. Simmer, 45 min. Stir; potatoes should be tender and most of liquid gone; sauce will be thick. Pour over olive oil and vinegar. Mix. Sprinkle with parsley.
<*MARINATED LENTIL SALAD; SCORE 14. *onion, large, 1 p =chop *olive oil, 25 ml /saute in, till translucent *garlic, 2 p =press /add *bay leaf, 2 p /add *water, 2000 ml /add *lentils, 350 g /add *cayenne, 2 g /add *salt /add *pepper /add =simmer, 1.5 h =drain =rinse =cool *olive oil, 25 ml /add *vinegar, 50 ml /add *lemon juice, 15 ml /add =let stand, 8 h *onion, 100 g =mince *parsley, 50 g =mince /add *mustard, 5 ml /add *salt /add *pepper /add *olive oil, 50 ml /emulsify with *lemon juice, of 1 p /add /pour over =chill *olives, stuffed *tomatoes =cut up, wedges /and *parsley /and /garnish with >
<*TURKISH BARLEY-BUTTERMILK SOUP; SCORE 14. *onions, 400 g =chop *oil /saute in, till golden *barley, 200 g /add =stir, till lightly toasted *stock, 1250 ml /add =cook, 30 min, till done =let cool, slightly [ *buttermilk, 500 ml | *yogurt, 500 ml ] /add, slowly *dill, 5 g /add *butter /add >
<*EASY MEXICAN PAN BREAD; SCORE 14. *onion, 1 p =chop *garlic, 2 p =mince /add *oil /saute in *:half /remove *beans, kidney, 100 g =cook /add *:bean liquid, 200 ml /add *egg, 1 p =beat /add *oil, 25 ml /add *cornmeal, 200 g /add *baking powder, 10 g /add *chili powder, 10 g /add *cumin, 3 g /add *green pepper, 1 p =dice /add *salt, 5 g /add *:onion /top with, without stirring =bake, 175 イ, 15 min *cheese, 50 g =grate /sprinkle with *black olives, 50 g =slice /sprinkle with [ *onion =chop ? *tomato =chop ] /garnish with >
<*HAM MOUSSE; SCORE 13. *gelatin, 7 g *water, cold, 250 ml /add =heat (to dissolve) =cool, slightly *sour cream, 250 ml /add *!mayonnaise, 100 ml /add *lemon juice, 25 ml =strain /add *salt, 1 g /add =beat =chill (till partially set) *ham, cooked, 300 g =grind /add [ *tarragon, dried, 4 g /add ] *celery, 150 g =mince /add *scallions, 10 g =mince /add =mold (in rinsed & chilled 1250 ml mold) =chill till firm =unmold *lettuce leaves *stuffed olives =slice /and /garnish with >
<*CATALAN DRESSING; SCORE 13 (FOR GREENS, ESPECIALLY CHICORY). *olive oil, 125 ml *vinegar, wine, 60 ml /add *garlic, 3 p =chrush /add *almonds, blanched, 8 p =toast =grind /add [ *chili, red, fresh, 1 p =seed =grind | *cayenne ] /add *salt, 4 g /add =beat > ARMENIAN SPINACH SALAD; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 500 g spinach. Wash. Trim. Dry. Tear up. 2 p cucumbers. Peel. Quarter, lengthwise. Slice, thinly. 100 g black olives. Slice. 50 g onion, red. Slice, thinly. 50 g parsley. Chop. 25 g pistachios. Chop. 50 ml olive oil. 30 ml lemon juice. 1 g oregano, dried. Crush. salt. pepper. Preparation: [A] Add cucumbers, black olives, onion, parsley, and pistachios to spinach. [B] Add lemon juice, oregano, salt, and pepper to olive oil. Beat. [C] Dress [A] with [B].
<*SPINACH AND BACON SALAD; SCORE 13. *spinach, 1000 g =wash =trim =dry =tear up *avocado, 1 p =peel =pit =dice /add *bacon, 8 p slices =cook, crisp =crumble /add *eggs, 3 p =hard-boil =chop /add [ *scallions, 4 p =slice, thinly /add #1 ] *!french dressing, 100 ml /dress with [ *peanuts, roasted, 50 g =chop /add #2 ] >
SALMON MOUSSE; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 7 g gelatin. 50 ml water, cold. 100 ml water. Bring to boil. 15 g onion. Grate. 15 ml lemon juice. Strain. 1 ml tabasco sauce. 1 g paprika. 4 g salt. 500 g salmon. Drain. Chop. 5 g dill. Mince. 100 ml cream. Chip. salt. pepper. watercress. sour cream and dill dressing. Preparation: [A] Soften gelatin in water. Add water. Stir. Add mayonnaise, 100 ml, onion, lemon juice, tabasco sauce, paprika, and salt. Cover. Chill (till partially set). Add salmon and dill. Beat (till blended). Add cream, salt, and pepper. Mold (rinsed & chilled 1500 ml ring mold). Cover with foil. Chill till set. Unmold. Garnish with watercress, in center. Serve with sour cream and dill dressing.
NEW ORLEANS CHEF'S SALAD; SCORE 14. Ingredients: 1 p celery. Slice, thinly. 4 p scallion. Slice, thinly. 2 p tomatoes. Peel. Quarter. 1 p avocado. Slice, thinly. 2 p eggs. Hard-boil. Quarter. 250 g crab meat, cooked. 250 g shrimp, small, cooked. 50 g black olives. 10 g parsley. Chop. boston lettuce. chicory. watercress. 100 ml lemon french dressing. Preparation: [A] Add black olives to celery, scallion, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, crab meat, and shrimp. [B] Take [A] and parsley. [C] Add chicory to boston lettuce. Add watercress(500 g total). Toss.  [D] Arrange [B] on [C]. Pour over lemon french dressing. Toss (at table).
<*TURKEY SALAD WITH MUSHROOMS; SCORE 14 (AS TURKEY SALADS GO, VERY GOOD). *turkey, cooked, 600 g *mushrooms, 200 g =slice /add *celery, 200 g =slice, thinly /add *stuffed olives =slice /add *onion, 10 g =mince /add *:lemon french dressing, 100 ml /add *:mayonnaise, 100 ml /add *salt /add =chill *lettuce leaves /serve on *eggs, 2 p =hard-boil =slice /garnish with [ *peanuts, 50 g | *macadamia nuts, 50 g | *cashews, 50 g ] =roast =chop /sprinkle with >
<*GRILLED CHICKEN BERBERE; SCORE 15. *chicken, broiler, 2 p =halve *!berbere, 50 ml /rub with =grill, over coals, 30 min, till browned *!niter kebbeb /baste with
<*BERBERE ("THE RED PEPPER PASTE OF AFRICA"); SCORE 14. *ginger, ground, 5 g *cardamom, ground, 3 g /add *coriander, ground, 3 g /add *fenugreek, ground, 3 g /add *cloves, ground, 2 g /add *cinnamon, 2 g /add *allspice, 2 g /add *onion, 10 g =mince /add *garlic, 1 p =crush /add *salt, 15 g /add *paprika, 25 g /add *chillies, red, dried, 10 g /add *pepper, 3 g /add =dry fry, 2 min, =+stir =cool =blenderize [ *water /add *oil /add, to make paste ] >
<*NITER KEBBEB ("THE SPICED BUTTER OIL OF ETHIOPIA"). *butter, 1 kg =melt *onion, small, 1 p =mince /add *garlic, 4 p =crush /add *ginger, 20 g =mash /add *turmeric, 5 g /add *cardamom, pod, 1 p =crush /add *cinnamon, stick, 25 mm /add *cloves, 4 p /add *nutmeg, 3 g =grate /add =simmer, 20 min =strain, in cheesecloth >>
SQUAB WITH 40 CLOVES OF GARLIC; SCORE 13. Ingredients: 4 p squab. Truss. butter. 40 p garlic (do not peel). 125 g butter. 200 ml stock, chicken. 25 ml cognac. salt. pepper. bread. Slice. Grill. Preparation: [A] Rub squab with butter. Roast, on spit, 45 min. [B] Add butter and stock to garlic. Simmer, 45 min, on side of grill. [C] Remove garlic. Sieve, all but 12 p. [D] Return [C] to [B]. Add drippings, from squab, cognac, salt, and pepper. [E] Serve [A] with [D], bread, and garlic, reserved.
<*"GLUTTON SQUARE" SATAY; SCORE 14. [ *chicken, 2 kg ? *meat, 2 kg ? *fish, 2 kg ] =cube *curry powder, 30 g *oil, peanut, 100 ml /add *soy sauce, 100 ml /add *garlic, 4 p =crush /add *brown sugar, 25 g /add /marinate in, 4 h or more (keep different meats separate) =skewer =grill, over coals *:peanut sauce *:marinated cucumber salad /and *:pressed rice cubes /and /serve with
<*MARINATED CUCUMBER SALAD; SCORE 11. *cucumbers, 300 g =halve, lengthwise =slice, 10 mm *onions, red, 100 g =halve =slice, 10 mm /and *sugar, 50 g /add *vinegar, white wine, 50 ml /add *salt, 3 g /add =marinate, 2 h =+chill >
<*PEANUT SAUCE. *onions, 200 g =dice *garlic, 2 p /add *chillies, 5 p /add =puree *cumin, 5 g /add *coriander, 10 g /add *oil, 50 ml /fry in, 3 min *peanuts, roasted, 200 g =grind, finely /add *coconut milk, 300 ml /add *brown sugar, 50 g /add *lemon juice, 25 ml /add *soy sauce, 25 ml /add =simmer, till thickened >>
<*SOSATIES OF SOUTH AFRICA; SCORE 16. *lamb, leg, 1.5 kg =cube *salt /add *pepper /add *onions, 3 p =quarter /add *garlic, 1 p =crush /add *chillies, red, dried, 3 p =crush /add *brown sugar, 25 g /add *curry powder, 25 g /add *bay leaves, 2 p /add *lemon juice, 50 ml /add [ *cilantro, 15 g =mince /add ] =skewer (use bamboo) =grill (over charcoal) >
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