A Field Guide to the Faces


Text Faces

l, d with roman serifs

e with sloping bar [Venetian Serif]
2 o with angled stress; d with definite oblique serifs, including foot serif [Old-Style Serif]
3 o with vertical stress; d with oblique ascender serif, horizontal foot serif [Transitional Serif]
4 o with non-abrupt vertical stress; d with horizontal line or bracketed serifs [New Transitional Serif]
5 o with strong abrupt vertical contrast; d with horizontal line or slightly bracketed serifs [Modern Serif]

l, d without roman serifs

6 I with slab serifs, either square or bracketed [Slab Serif]
7 I with wedge serif [Wedge Serif]
8 No serifs, except perhaps on I [Sans Serif]

Display Faces

9 Flowing scripts
10 Non-flowing scripts, including blackletter and uncial
11 Unmodified serif and sans serif
12 Modified serif
13 Modified sans serif
14 Fat face, modified and unmodified
15 Thin face, modified and unmodified
16 Ornamental
17 Modified outrageous

o with steeply inclined axis
1.2 o with less steeply inclined axis
1.3 o with vertical axis
1.4 o with inclined axis; serifs roman in upper case, slab in lower case [32] Italian Old Style
1.5 o with vertical or slightly inclined axis; slab serifs on ascenders

W crossed center strokes
2.2 W center strokes joining at cap height, or nearly so
2.3 W center strokes joining at cap height with no center serif
2.4 W stepped center strokes

W center strokes joining at cap height, with center serif
3.2 W center strokes joining at cap height, with no center serif
3.3 W with crossed center strokes
3.4 W with stepped center strokes

d with horizontal or nearly horizontal line serifs
4.2 d with horizontal bracketed serifs
4.3 Some definite oblique bracketed serifs

d with line serifs
5.2 Bracketed serifs

I Square slab (egyptian type)
6.2 I Bracketed slab (clarendon types)
6.3 I Rounded slab

I with wedge-ended or small wedge serifs
7.2 I with wedge-shaped serifs
7.3 I with line-ended serifs
7.4 I with half serifs

G wide, without spur
8.2 G medium width, without spur
8.3 G narrow, no spur or bar
8.4 G wide with spur [273] Akzidenz Grotesk
8.5 G medium with spur
8.6 G narrow with spur
8.7 G, g sloped [295] ITC Eras
8.8 G, g square
8.9 G, g rounded
8.10 G electronic or machine-read

Quill pen script
9.2 Felt or graphic pen
9.3 Brush

Quill pen
10.2 Felt or graphic pen
10.3 Brush
10.4 Blackletter text
10.5 Blackletter decorative
10.6 Uncial
10.7 Roman italic based on pen scripts

Roman serif
11.2 Slab serif
11.3 Wedge serif
11.4 Sans serif

Roman serif, not stencil
12.2 Roman serif, stencil
12.3 Slab serif
12.4 Wedge serif, not sloping backwards
12.5 Wedge serif, sloping backwards

Thick and thin vertical stress
13.2 Thick and thin horizontal stress [610] Sintex I
13.3 Heavy bow-shaped
13.4 Square-shaped
13.5 Sloping [615] Condensa
13.6 Rounded shape
13.7 Rounded shape outline [624] Helvetica Rounded Outline
13.8 Electronic
13.9 Cut
13.10 Stencil or stencil effect
13.11 Inline or striped
13.12 Shaded or 3D
13.13 Shaded or 3D, inline or patterned

Roman serif
14.2 Slab serif
14.3 Wedge serif
14.4 Sans serif

Slab serif
15.2 Wedge serif
15.3 Sans serif, unrounded shape
15.4 Sans serif, rounded shape

Roman serif, unsloping
16.2 Roman serif, sloping [547] Goudy Fancy
16.3 Slab serif
16.4 Wedge serif
16.5 Sans serif [560] Abramesque
16.6 Script

17.2 Inline or striped
17.3 Broken-surfaced and distorted [679] Shatter
17.4 Dot-formed
17.5 Shaded or 3D
17.6 With backgrounds
17.7 Pictorial

1.1.1 a, h, m, n splayed to right [5] Windsor

1.1.2 a, h, m, n, not splayed to right

Short descenders and long serifs
1.2.2 q with short descender and short serifs [13] Della Robbia
1.2.3 q with longer descender and weak contrast
1.2.4 q with longer descender and strong contrast

r with roman serifs
1.3.2 r with wedge serifs

1.5.1 g open; k double-jointed [33] ITC Italia

1.5.2 g closed; k single-jointed [34] Jenson Old Style

K with curved arms
2.1.2 K with straight arms

2.2.1 A with top serif; g open; both serifs on T SWNE [42] Leamington

2.2.2 A without top serif; g closed; serifs on T diverge

2.3.1 G with very low crossbar; S, s swollen at SW; b, d, f, with very high ascenders [46] Nicholas Cochin

2.3.2 Not as above [45] Berling

J descends with ball
2.4.2 J descends with no ball
2.4.3 J doesn't descend, has ball [52-3] Times Roman Family

M parallel, or nearly so
3.1.2 M definitely splayed

g lower bowl open
3.2.2 g lower bowl closed

3.3.1 M without serifs at cap height [98] Weiss

3.3.2 M with serifs at cap height

M parallel, or nearly so
3.4.2 M definitely splayed

4.1.1 One-story g; p, q with short descenders [112] Maximus

4.1.2 Two-story g; p, q with longish descenders [111] Joanna

W center strokes joining at cap height
4.2.2 W with crossed center strokes
4.2.3 W with stepped center strokes
4.2.4 W no center serif

Weak contrast
4.3.2 Good contrast

Light face
5.1.2 Black face

C with two spurred serifs
5.2.2 C with one spurred serif
5.2.3 C with two unspurred serifs

g with single story
6.1.2 g with double story

g with single story
6.2.2 g with double story

6.3.1 W without center serif [214] ITC American Typewriter

6.3.2 W with center serif

g single-storied
7.1.2 g two-storied

A with full serif at top
7.2.2 A without serif at top

7.3.1 B, R open [237] ITC Serif Gothic

7.3.2 B, R closed [236] Copperplate Gothic [238] Spartan 140

7.4.1 G spurred; A with serifs pointing inward [239] Parsons

7.4.2 G without spur; A with serifs pointing right [340] Romic

E wide
8.1.2 E narrow

G with round base
8.2.2 G with flatter base
8.2.3 G without bar, with unstressed strokes [270] Syntax
8.2.4 G without bar, with stressed strokes

8.3.1 K, k with curved upper arm [272] Clearface Gothic

8.3.2 K, k with straight upper arm [271] Antique Olive

8.5.1 g double-storied [276] Franklin Gothic [277] ITC Franklin Gothic

8.5.2 g single-storied

I with serifs
8.6.2 I without serifs

8.8.1 O, Q with curved sides [293] Heldustry

8.8.2 O, Q with straight sides

M with middle point above line
8.9.2 M with middle point on line

8.10.1 C, O made of straight segments [303] OCR-A

8.10.2 C, O curved

Sloping and rounded
9.1.2 Sloping and angular [316] Zapf Chancery
9.1.3 Upright

9.2.1 Sloping; A, B, H multi-stroked [319] Kaufmann

9.2.2 Upright; A, B, H uni-stroked [320] Jiffy

9.3.1 F faces left; G lower-case-like; H, K, M, N, U, V with NW leftward tails [321] Brush Script

9.3.2 F faces right; G upper-case-like; H, K, M, N, U, V without TW tails [322] Mistral]

Sloping and rounded
10.1.2 Sloping and angular
10.1.3 Upright and rounded [332] Murray Hill Bold
10.1.4 Upright and angular
10.1.5 Oriental
10.1.6 Decorative sloping
10.1.7 Decorative with upright majuscules

10.2.2 Upright

I, J with leftward serifs
10.3.2 I, J without serifs

a two-story
10.4.2 a one-story

10.5.1 a, g one-story [375] Pamela

10.5.2 a, g two-story [376] St. Clair

10.6.1 a one-story; h, m, n, u, v, w horseshoe-like [377] American Uncial

10.6.2 a two-story; h, m, n, u, v, w not horseshoe-like [378] Libra

10.7.1 J doesn't descend; descenders on p, q very long [381] Cancelleresca Bastarda

10.7.2 J descends; descenders on p, q not especially long

11.1.2 Inline and outline
11.1.3 Shaded

11.2.1 Plain [403] Hellenic Wide

11.2.2 Inline and outline
11.2.3 Shaded

11.3.2 Inline and outline

11.4.2 Inline and outline unshaded
11.4.3 Inline and outline shaded
11.4.4 With backgrounds

12.1.1 A with sigmoid leftward serif it apex [573] Skyjald

12.1.2 A with leftward roman serif at apex
12.1.3 A with right arm projecting SENW at apex
12.1.4 A without serifs or projections at apex

12.2.1 A with leftward serif at apex [575] Stencil Bold

12.2.1 A without serif at apex [576] Teachest

12.3.1 3-D [579] Profil

12.3.2 Lined [578] Nubia
12.3.3 Spurs on slabs [577] Antiqua pointed

12.4.1 A crossbar v-shaped [580] Algerian

12.4.2 A crossbar straight, horizontal
12.4.3 A crossbar straight, SWNE
12.4.4 A crossbar curved

12.5.1 A minuscular [602] Alfereta

12.5.2 A majuscular [603] Blanchard

g one-story
13.1.2 g two-story

13.3.1 A with curved left arm [612] Revue

13.3.2 A with straight left arm [611] Becket

13.4.1 M splayed [613] Tamil

13.4.2 M not splayed [614] Topic

13.6.1 p, q with pointed serifs [616] Capone

13.6.2 p, q with flat serifs [617] Dempsey Medium
13.6.3 p, q with rounded serifs
13.6.4 p, q with no serifs

A, B, C, D, E contiguous
13.8.2 A, B, C, D, E made of multiple linear segments [628] Digital

13.9.1 C terminals horizontal [630] Ad Lib

13.9.2 C terminals triangles [631] Kino
13.9.3 C terminals diagonal

13.10.1 A a truncated black triangle with a NWSE line through it [634] Braggadocio

13.10.2 A minuscular [638] Glyphic
13.10.3 A an upward semicircle with a tail [639] Motter Tektura
13.10.4 A a triangle [640] Stop
13.10.5 A majuscular

G with crossbar
13.11.2 G without crossbar

13.12.1 H a rectangle with N and S slits [655] Bullion Shadow

13.12.2 H minuscular [660] Tintoretto
13.12.3 H crossbar high

13.13.1 G spurless [664] Jim Crow

13.13.2 G spurred

Thin serifs
14.1.2 Medium weight serifs
14.1.3 Heavy serifs

Serifs much thicker than strokes
14.2.2 Serifs not much thicker than strokes

Thin or medium serifs
14.3.2 Heavy serifs, outline
14.3.3 Heavy serifs, outline

Wide, plain
14.4.2 Wide, outline [482] Gill Kayo Outline
14.4.3 Medium width
14.4.4 Narrow, without outline
14.4.5 Narrow, outline
14.4.6 Rounded shape
14.4.7 Rounded shape, outline [515] ITC Bauhaus Heavy Outline

15.1.1 K double-jointed; g two-story [516] ITC American Typewriter Light

15.1.2 K single-jointed; g one-story

15.2.1 E with very high crossbar; A with SWNE crossbar [521] Virgin Roman

15.2.2 E with crossbar in middle; A with horizontal crossbar [520] ITC Newtext Light

M strokes meet above baseline
15.3.2 M strokes meet at baseline

15.4.1 A with curved left arm [534] ITC Busorama Light

15.4.2 A curved at top [535] Churchward 70 Hairline
15.4.3 A with only straight lines [536] Harry Thin

16.1.1 A with single SW swirl [537] Flirt

16.1.2 A with right edge dentate, spur at apex [538] Floriated Capitals
16.1.3 A with ball at E where crossbar joins arm [540] Fry's ornamented
16.1.4 A inlined, crossbar sigmoid [541] Gallia
16.1.5 A with stripes and dots, flat apex [543] Modernistic
16.1.6 A with black leaves on white background [544] Mole Foliate
16.1.7 A with white leaves on black background [546] Saphire
16.1.8 A with balls at apex, in bowl, and below crossbar [545] Nymphic
16.1.9 A with two outward-pointing spurs at apex

16.3.1 A without forked serifs; leaves on 3-D surface [548] Lettres Ornées

16.3.2 A with forked serifs at feet but not at apex [550] Romantiques No. 5
16.3.3 A with forked serifs at both feet and apex

16.4.1 A minuscular [555] Karnac

16.4.2 A crossbar v-shaped [559] Victorian
16.4.3 A crossbar SWNE [553] Arnold Böcklin
16.4.4 A crossbar NWSE
16.4.5 A crossbar horizontal

16.6.1 A with triple strokes [563] Raffia Initials

16.6.2 A with crossbar made of filligree balls [562] Lilith
16.6.3 A with floral crossbar [561] Ballé Initials

17.1.1 A minuscular [671] Talbot

17.1.2 A with leftward ball at apex [669] Pierrot
17.1.3 A with large rectangles at feet [666] Bottleneck
17.1.4 A plain, without serifs [668] Litzenburg
17.1.5 A a solid triangle with half a daisy [667] Florist
17.1.6 A a solid triangle with a star [670] Starvation

17.2.1 A house-shaped, 3 inlines [674] Horseman Sidesaddle

17.2.2 A with stars at top, stripes at bottom [676] Old Glory
17.2.3 A plain sans-serif with bowl filled by stripes [675] Matra
17.2.4 A a triangle
17.2.5 A rounded at top

A flat-topped
17.4.2 A pointy-topped

17.5.1 A a carved cube [685] Block Up

17.5.2 A wire-framed [686] Bombere
17.5.3 A like curled paper [688] Calypso
17.5.4 A like raised layers, face on [692] Stack
17.5.5 A in layers, receding to NW [694] Talbot's Rocky mountai
17.5.5 A in perspective

17.6.1 Background rough halftone, not rectangular [697] Process

17.6.2 Background rectangular, not rough halftone

17.7.1 Faces [699] Via Face Don Black

17.7.2 Zippers [700] Zippers
g one-story g two-story w with curved arms; R with upcurved tail [6] Kennerly h, m, n splayed [9] Surrey Old Style G beveled at SE [10] Trajanus Y with spur pointing left on NW arm; Q with detached tail [8] Raleigh a, h, m, n with curved serifs turning up at right [12] Worcester None of the above W center strokes joining at cap height, with center serif [17] Schneidler Old Style W center strokes joining at cap height, with no center serif [18] Seneca W center strokes crossed g closed, ear rising; j slightly recurved [21] Deepdene g open, ear descending; j recurved [20] Horley Old Style g closed, ear horizontal; j descending, sigmoid [19] Centaur a, b, d, e, g, p, q with gaps [22] Brighton v, w, y with ball on NE arm [23-24] Clearface Family v, w, y with rightward-pointing spurs caused by steps [27] ITC Tiffany Z with sigmoid top and bottom arms [26] Stratford g two-story; j descending & unballed [31] Vendôme g one-story; j recurved or at least curved A with arm extending to NW; b, d, h, k with very high ascenders;g with ascending balled ear [36] Bernhard Modern Not as above [35] Bembo Q tail nearly linear [38-39] Plantin Family Q tail sigmoid J descends, recurved, with ball; Q sweeps [43] Missal J descends, unrecurved, without ball; Q tail comma-like [44] Trump Mediaeval g with rising pointed ear [49] Goudy Catalogue g with horizontal ear [51] Minister Q tail comma-like [47] Albertina Q tail sigmoid, starts inside body [48] Emerson Q tail linear, short, on right [50] Life
C with serifs both top and bottom C without serifs at bottom P with open bowl [74] Galliard P with closed bowl; J with ball [73] Erhhardt J without ball, low contrast [82] Congress J with ball, normal contrast [77-80] Baskerville Family
C without lower serif C with lower serif
w with center strokes joining at cap height w with crossed center strokes [89] Barbou w with stepped center strokes
C with serif only at top C with serifs at top and bottom R, K with tail that descends; A with leftward spur [110] Rundfunk R, K without tail that descends; A without spur
Light face Black face C with spur serifs top and bottom [126] Gloucester Old Style C with wedge serifs top and bottom [125] Comenius C with wedge serif only on top [123] Cheltenham [124] Cheltenham Nova C with spur serif only on top [127] Sorbonne B, P with slanted midstroke, black; a, d, q with gaps; Y, y with spur s at foot [128] Bramley Not as above g with open bowl and no ear; calligraphic [134] Athenaeum g with open bowl, horizontal ear [135] Diotima g with closed bowl, markedly wilted balled ear [137] Impressum g with closed bowl, horizontal or slightly wilted ear A with leftward spur; v, w with NE balls; R with anemic tail [142] Lo-type A with rectangular finial; v, w with leftward spurs; U with SE serif [143] Menhart A, v, w, R, U not as above g with open lower bowl, upturned balled ear [150] ITC Zapf International g with closed lower bowl, horizontal stub ear [148] Electra g with closed lower bowl, wilted balled ear
C with bottom serif missing or noticeably different from upper C with symmetric spurred serifs C with symmetric triangular serifs C with two spurred serifs [162] Bodoni 135 [163] Bodoni (Haas) C with one spurred serif [164] Craw Modern C with two unspurred serifs g, j balled [180] Neo Didot g, j without balls [183] Pilgrim
f with "bent" top f without bent top j balled; k double jointed but without horizontal bar [174] Caledonia j not balled; k double jointed with horizontal bar [187] Walbaum Standard 6. Slab Serif
A with full serifs at top and feet A with half serif at top, full serifs at feet A with no serif at top, half serifs at feet [190] Calvert A with no serif at top, full serifs at feet k double-jointed [202] Egyptian 173 k single-jointed D, O, Q with straight sides [204] Aachen D, O, Q with rounded sides [205] Egyptian 505
W with no central serif W with central serif S with half serif at bottom [215] Clarinda Typewriter S with full serif at bottom M splayed with middle point raised [224] ITC Korinna M not splayed M splayed with middle point on line [223] Icone
M with middle point raised M with middle point on line g with open lower bowl; k single-jointed, descending, open [230] ITC Barcelona g with closed lower bowl; k double-jointed, on line, closed [231] Biltmore W with rightward half-serif at center; k double-jointed without crossbar [232] ITC LSC Book W without center serif; k single-jointed, or with crossbar if double-jointed J descends slightly; K single jointed [246] Doric J doesn't descend; K double jointed
a single-story a double-story
B with upper bowl narrower than lower B with upper bowl as wide as lower C, G, S, g, s with ends tangent to vertical [267] Univers 55 C, G, S, g, s with ends almost horizontal [266] Frutiger K, V, W, X, Y, k, v, w, x, y with curved strokes [269] ITC Souvenir Gothic K, V, W, X, Y, k, v, w, x, y with straight strokes [268] Optima
K, k single-jointed K, k double-jointed K single-jointed with gap [285] Bell Gothic K double-jointed, no gap [284] Bell Centennial M with raised middle junction [286] Light Gothic M with middle junction on baseline R with straight leg [290] Bank Gothic R with curved leg [291] Eurostile M with curved sides [297] ITC Benguiat Gothic M with straight sides [298] Berliner Grotesk M splayed, pointed top [300] ITC Ronda M not splayed, rounded top [299] Churchward 70 J with half serif at top; Q with comma tail [302] IC-Alphabet J without serif at top; Q with intersecting tail [304] OCR-B
A with crossbar formed from loop on left arm A with crossbar formed from loop on right arm A with crossbar a disconnected stroke d ascender curves to left; z doesn't descend; o, p, q open at top [317] Gando Ronde Script d ascender straight; z descends; o, p, q closed [318] Linoscript b, h, k, l with ascenders curved to left [323] Bernhard Tango b, h, k, l with ascenders looped [324] Dorchester Script b, h, k, l with ascenders curved to right [325] Nuptial Script b, h, k, l with ascenders straight [326] Stradivarius N with ball at NE [327] Cascade N with downward swirl at NW [329] Medici Script N lower-case-like, with upward swirl at NW [331] Temple Script N not as above b, h, k, l sans serif [335] Lydian b, h, k, l with rightward serifs [334] Codex b, h, k, l with leftward serifs A, B, E of multiple unconnected strokes; a, c, e with gaps [337] Auriole A, B, E connected; a, c, e without gaps [338] Boutique
F, G descend F, G don't descend b, h, k ascenders long and curved rightward [344] Delphin No. 1 b, h, k ascenders straight [345] Matura
G quasi-minuscular, descends G clearly majuscular, doesn't descend
G with crossbar G without crossbar
J with crossbar J without crossbar G, J, K descend [357] Ashley Script G, J, K don't descend [359] Flash
d ascender angled to left d ascender vertical
T with bottom horizontal stroke as long as top; f, p, q descenders dagger-like T one horizontal and two vertical strokes; f, p, q descenders not dagger-like Q 2-like, sweeps; Y with straight arms; g not eared [379] Arrighi Italic (Centaur Italic) Q with short tail; Y with curved arms; g slightly eared [380] Blado Italic
Inline Outline Vertical [402] Thorne Shaded Sloping Serifs rounded [404] ITC American Typewriter Bold Outline Serifs square [405] Egyptian Outline A with serif at top [408] Rockwell Shadow A flattened at top W with strokes that cross [410] Columna W with stepped strokes [411] Jana W with strokes that meet at top, no serif W with strokes that meet at top, with serif E, F with crossbar above half-height [421] Hanseatic Bold E, F with crossbar at half-height [420] Fleet Outline [422] Helvetica Outline G without crossbar [423] Festival Titling G with crossbar and spur [426] Sans Serif Shaded G with crossbar, no spur Q tail comma-like [427] Gill Cameo Q tail sigmoid, starts inside bowl [428] Gill Cameo Ruled B with NWSE crossbar; G without spur at base; J doesn't descend [572] Richmond B with horizontal crossbar; G with spur at base; J descends [567] Bernhard Antique C biserifed [571] Packard C uniserifed [568] Greco Bold A with feet serifs assymetrical, pointing inward [565] Antikva Margaret A with bowed arms, crossbar triangular [564] Abbot Old Style A not as above A with left arm curved, right arm straight [588] Desdemona A with straight flag at NW [594] Hogarth A with curved flag at NW A with wedge serifs at apex A with pointed or slightly beveled apex H, K, M, P, R stems descend, end in point [600] Thalia H, K, M, P, R end in thick arcs [597] Neptune H, K, M, P, R end in wedge serifs [584] Chantrey A crossbar a leftward mushroom [589] Eckmann A crossbar a sigmoid curve starting from foot of left arm [590] Edda A crossbar an arc starting from foot or right arm [592] Hermosa A crossbar a sigmoid curve crossing left arm [598] Pretorian A crossbar a downward-facing arc W strokes stepped [608] Peignot W strokes meet at top, no center serif [609] Radiant W strokes crossed G spurred [604] Britannic G spurless [605] Florentine M with circular swirl at SW [622] Octopuss M splayed [619] Frankfurter Medium M not splayed B, D, P with slits [623] Pump B, D, P slitless [621] Horatio Medium
g one-story g two-story J with serif [633] Othello J without serif [632] Neuland G split, spurred [635] Folio Stencil G split, spurless [637] Glaser Stencil Bold G not split, spurless [641] Tabasco
M pointy-topped, splayed M round-topped, not splayed [653] ITC Uptight Neon M pointy-topped, not splayed 645
M splayed M not splayed H crossbar sigmoid [662] Uncle Bill H crossbar straight [658] Premier Shaded K with bar across base [665] Quicksilver K without bar across base [663] Baby Arbuckle f descends [435] ITC Firenze f flag triangular [438] Perpetua Black f balled, j not balled [443] ITC Zapf Book Heavy f, j balled f, j quarter-mooned
A with beveled apex A with flattened apex A with beveled apex [450] ITC Cheltenham Ultra A with leftward serif at apex [451] Kompakt A with flattened apex [452] Whitin Black G with half crossbar, no spur at bottom [454] Hidalgo G with full crossbar, spur at bottom Q tail linear, starts at bowl [455] Karnak Black Q tail angled, starts inside bowl [456] Memphis Extra Bold Q tail sigmoid, centered under bowl [458] Rockwell Extra Bold
A with parallel arms A triangular with pointed apex A triangular with flattened apex g one-story [469] ITC Souvenir Bold g two-story g one-story [471] ITC Souvenir Bold Outline g two-story [470] Cooper Black Outline
a one-story a two-story H with serif at NW [487] Dynamo H a solid rectangle with slits at N and S H with left stroke much thicker than right H a normal sans-serif H
G spurred G spurless C with rounded top [508] Impact Outline C with flat top, curved corners [507] Compacta Bold Outline C with straight segments [509] Superstar
a one-story a two-story [512] Cable Heavy (Klingspor) a one-story; A with serif at apex [519] ITC Stymie Hairline a two-story; A without serif at apex [517] Glypha 35 Thin [518] Serifa 35 Thin N stepped [524] Empire N not stepped
W strokes crossed W strokes meet at top A spurs hollow, reminiscent of ironwork [539] Fontanesi A spurs linear [542] Lexington A filled with continuous strokes [549] Quentin A filled with discontinuous strokes [551] Trocadero A crossbar ends in ball [554] Davida A crossbar ends in spiral [557] Recherche A with spiral at apex [556] Kismet A with spiral in upped bowl, dotted circle below crossbar [552] Aesthetic Ornamented A with spiral below crossbar [558] Ringlet A with stripes on right [673] Groove A with stripes on left [677] Sinaloa A all hairlines [678] Stripes A with heavy line on left [672] ITC Aki Lines Dots aligned [680] Astra Dots staggered [681] Chequered Dots shadowed [683] Spangle Dots plain 684 A with right edge closest [689] Italiennes Omrées A with left edge closest [691] Speed Caps A with feet closest, upper face black [690] Perspective Italic A with feet closest, upper face white [687] Buster Background fine halftoe [698] Tonal Background horizontal lines [696] Phase Two Background vertical lines [695] Good vibrations B, P, R with slender, NWSE join of bowl and stem; Q tail comma-like [2] Erasmus B, P, R with sturdy, horizontal join of bowl and stem; Q tail crosses body [3] Hollandse Mediaeval Q tail sweeps, with arm; W with curved arms [1] Bellini Q tail comma-like; k with curved upper arm [4] Pastonchi P with horizontally extended bowl; K double-jointed [7] Lavenham P without horizontally extended bowl; K single-jointed [11] Verona k with gap; m descending [14] Bauer Text k without gap; m even v, w, y with curved arms [30] Souvenir I with leftward serif at top, rightward serif at bottom [29] Seagull A with curved crossbar; tiny spurs [28] ITC Benguiat Q tail centered; G without spur; g with ascending unballed ear [37] Goudy Old Style Q tail extending to right; G with spur; g with horizontal ear C serifs triangular [66] Granjon C serifs vertical spurs J descends, no ball [64] Concorde Nova J descends, with ball J doesn't descend Q tail unattached, rectangular stress [81] Cartier Q tail sigmoidal, touching Q tail comma-like Q tail comma-like; j with triangular serif [83] Lectura Q tail sigmoidal, touching; j without serif [85] Poppl Pontifex J descends; U splayed; P bowl closed [87] Quadriga Antiqua J doesn't descend; U not splayed; P bowl open [88] Sabon g with rising, balled ear [90] Fournier g with horizontal, unballed ear J descends, unballed [100] Concorde J descends, balled [101] ITC Cushing J doesn't descend B, K, P, Q, R with gaps; X stepped [104] ITC Isbell P open; horizontal spur at SE of G [107] Van Dijck B, K, P, Q, R closed; no spur on G; X not stepped k, K with horizontal crossbar; J upturned, balled [109] Janson k, K without horizontal crossbar; J descending, with very small ball [108] De Roos U with SE spur; j monotonic [116] Perpetua Not as above G, S with spur serifs [118] Aurora [119] Century Schoolbook [120] Corona [121] Ionic 5 G, S with wedge serifs [122] Nimrod g with open bowl [129] ITC Cheltenham g with lower bowl taller than upper, rising ear [132] Goudy Modern g not as above C without lower serif [133] Apollo C biserifed j descending, unballed; f with rectangular flag [141] Dominante j recurved, balled; f flag balled [144] Paragon [145] Primus Antiqua [146] Textype j unballed; Q with detached sigmoid tail [147] Cochin j balled; Q with attached straight tail [149] Iridium b, d, f, h, l with full serifs [157] Egmont b, d, f, h, l with half serifs k with double junction, horizontal crossbar [156] Didot k without double junction [154] Bodoni Book k with double junction, no horizontal crossbar K, k with double junction, horizontal crossbar [161] Walbaum K, k without double junction K with single junction [165] ITC Fenice K with double junction, no horizontal crossbar [166] Modern K with double junction, horizontal crossbar j with "bent" bottom [171] Augustea j without "bent" bottom [170] Albion 42 k with single junction, curved lower arm [172] Bell k with single junction, ball on upper arm [181] Paganini k with single junction, no curves, no balls [184] Promotor k with double junction (sometimes barely)
a with single story a with two stories m, n with half serifs at feet [189] Beton m, n with full serifs at feet [194] ITC Lubalin Graph [195] ITC Lubalin Graph Extra Light D, O, Q with straight sides [192] City D, O, Q with rounded sides R with upturned tail; f without bullet-hole; g with decurved ear [201] Antique No. 5 R without upturned tail; f with bullet-hole; g with horizontal ear [203] Schadow Antiqua k single-jointed [210] Egyptienne F 55 k double-jointed [213] fortune q with horizontal slab serif [209] Clarendon q with pointed vertical serif l with upper serif extending left past lower serif [217] Monotype Typewriter I with lower serif extending left past upper serif [216] Linotype Typewriter y with curved tail [228] ITC Quorum y with straight tail [225] ITC Newtext U with serif at BR; R with straight tail of R straight [218] Albertus U without serif at BR; R with curved tail [220] Flange K, R with tail concave downward [219] Americana K, R with tail concave upward [221] French Old Style K, R with tail straight y with straight tail and full serif [233] Meridien y with curved tail and ball or flag Q with sigmoid tail; B with equally wide bowls [245] Adonis Q with straight tail; B with narrower upper bowl [247] 2-Line Block Gothic [248] 4-Line Block Gothic M splayed [252] 20th Century [254] Futura [257] Spartan M not splayed Q tail sigmoid, uncrossing [251] Bernhard Gothic Q tail descending, comma-like [249] Adsans Q tail undescending, straight, rightward [253] Erbar Q tail straight, crossing [256] Nobel g two-storied; J descends [259] Gill Sans g one-storied; J doesn't descend
W with strokes crossed; g 2-story with open lower bowl W with strokes meeting at top R with slightly rounded leg [278] Haas Unica R with straight leg [283] Video C, O rectangular; Q tail clockwise decurved [274] Berthold Imago C, O oval or circular; Q tail not markedly decurved Q with intersecting tail [289] Trade Gothic Q with comma tail [287] News Gothic [288] Record Gothic H, K, R with long leftward tails [305] Ariston Light Script H, K, R without long leftward tails
h, k with straight ascenders h, k with looped ascenders g, j, y end in swirls [314] Snell Roundhand g, j, y end in loops E, F, H, J, K, P, R with serifs [330] Noris Script E, F, H, J, K, P, R sans serifs [328] Klang A, W, V with serifs at top; W crossed [333] Bologna A, W, V without serifs at top; W strokes meet at top [336] Ondine F, G descenders long leftward 90° arc [341] Le Griffe F, G descenders very large, oval loops [343] Vivaldi b, h, k ascenders with leftward serifs [339] Crayonette b, h, k ascenders straight [342] Treasury Open b, h, k ascenders curved rightward [340] Kalligraphia A minuscular, no crossbar [347] Caprice A crossbar a swirl [349] Lateinische Ausgangsschrift A crossbar a simple line [350] Gillies Extra Bold G with centered crossbar [346] Balloon Extra Bold G with leftward crossbar [352] Vertex G without crossbar y rectangular; E with crossbar below middle [353] Arctic y triangular; E with crossline above or at middle [354] Dom Casual I, J with serifs; J with crossbar; K stepped [355] Present I, J without serifs; J without crossbar; K not stepped [356] Studio E rounded; d ascender not curved leftward [358] Bison E square; d ascender curved leftward [362] Reporter No. 2 f descender straight [360] Forte f descender looped [361] Pepita N minuscular; p, q with forked descenders [364] Cloister Black [372] Old English Text N majuscular; p, q descenders with leftward serifs [370] Linotext N majuscular [369] ITC Honda N minuscular Very strong contrast [365] Fette Fraktur [366] Fraktur Bold Weak contrast [371] Luthersche Fraktur A, C, O, Q open at top [374] Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch A, C, O, Q closed at top [367] Gothique W without center serif [392] Castellar W with center serif e with slanted crossbar; h, n splayed [398] Windsor Bold Outline e with horizontal crossbar; h, n not splayed [397] Times English Black Outline N, U, V, W with balls an NE [400] Bank Note N, U, V, W without balls [401] Cheque Q tail descends [406] Egyptienne Filette Q tail doesn't descend [407] Gold Rush A with very low crossbar; Q tail doesn't descend; Y with straight arms; condensed [415] Runic Condensed A with crossbar in middle; Q tail descends; Y with curved NW arm [409] Augustea Nova A flattened at top [412] Latin Antique No. 9 A with serif at top R with straight arm; Q tail comma-like; J doesn't descend [425] Gill Sans Shadow 408 R with curved arm; Q tail starts in bowl; J descends [424] Gill Sans Shadow Line 290 W strokes meet below top line, no center serif [570] Milton W strokes stepped, with flag at NE [566] Belwe W strokes crossed A flag semicircular [599] Tango A flag short arc [586] Columbus G rounded at bottom and flat at top, with half crossbar [601] Tip Top G with full crossbar, diagonal [595] Lafayette G with full, straight crossbar G without crossbar [582] Brutus G with half crossbar [583] Bullfinch G with full crossbar, two lines SWNE [587] Croydon O rectangular [585] Charleston O ovoid, larger at bottom [593] Hobo O oval [596] Mikado Black M center junction on baseline [607] Parisian M center junction above baselino [605] Florentine G spurred [620] Helvetica Rounded G spurless [618] Formula I a, b, c, d, e with SW segment thickened [627] Data 70 a, b, c, d, e without thickened SW segment [629] Russell Square g rounded [625] Amelia g square [626] Countdown W stepped [654] Zeppelin W strokes meet at top [646] Neon S with straight horizontal crossbar [645] Michel S without straight segment [643] Fatima C a 330° arc [650] Pluto C a 180° arc M not round-topped [644] French Flash M round-topped
k with curved arms, ball on upper one k with straight arms A with stub at apex; g with open lower bowl [442] ITC Tiffany Heavy A with flattened apex; g with closed lower bowl K with lower arm straight [445] Caslon Extra K with lower arm curved up [447] ITC Galliard Ultra K with lowar arm curved down [449] ITC Grouch Q tail comma-like [448] Garamond Ultra Q tail sigmoid, starting in bowl, not descending [444] Aetna Q tail sigmoid, starting in bowl, descending [446] ITC Century Ultra g one-story [453] Figaro g two-story [457] Playbill A with both upper corners rounded [461] Hess Neobold A with NW corner rounded, NE corner square [463] Macbeth f with balled flag [460] Hawthorn f with triangular flag g one-story [465] ITC Serif Gothic Heavy g two-story p, q with rounded serifs [467] Cooper Black p, q with flat serifs [468] Pabst
G without crossbar G with half crossbar b, d, p, q with gaps [475] Fehrle Display b, d, p, q without gaps M splayed [486] Dyrnamo M not splayed [495] Neil Bold Inlined [485] Broadway Engraved Not inlined [484] Broadway
g one-story g two-story g two-story [503] Headline Bold g one-story G with straight edges [505] ITC Machine G with curves
a two-story M splayed [531] L&C Hairline M not splayed [527] Gill Sans Light g one-story [525] ITC Eras Light g two-story [523] Cable Light (Klingspor)
K double-jointed K single-jointed A with 5 dots on left arm [684] Spotty Face A with 10 dots on left arm [682] Pinball J descending with roman serif [16] Jenson J recurved with balled [15] Cloister Q tail very long; C rectangular [40] Poliphilus Q tail short; C square [41] Trajon R tail sweeps; lower bowl on g almost open [58] Bulmer R tail doesn't sweep g lower bowl open [54] Fry's Baskerville g lower bowl closed g lower bowl open [68] Monticello g lower bowl closed x with NW serif [75] Aldus x without NW serif [84] Palatino N, W with stepped joins [76] Aster N, W without stepped joins [86] Times Europa J without ball [97] Spectrum J with ball [92-96] Garamond Family C, S with spur serifs [103] Gazette C, S with wedge serifs [106] Rotation J with ball [102] Dante J without ball [105] Romulus I curved; P open; b without spur [113] Breughel 55 Not as above C with soft spur serifs top and bottom [131] French Round Face C without serif on bottom [130] Columbia A with leftward spur at top; leftward serif on G; f with rectangular flag [140] Renault A without spur at top; centered serif on G; f with ball k with curved upper arm [155] Corvinus k with straight upper arm [151] Auriga G with vertical spur [160] Torino G without spur [153] Bauer Bodoni j unballed [159] Tiemann j balled [152] Basilia O, o distinctly squarish [160] ITC Zapf Book O, o oval [167] Walbaum Book [168] Walbaum h, m, n with half serifs on feet [175] ITC Century h, m, n with full serifs on feet m, n with half serifs at feet [197] Rockwell m, n with full serifs at feet [188] A & S Gallatin Q with sigmoid intersecting tail; R tail concave upward; some contrast [191] Candida Q with linear tail; R tail concave downward; no contrast [193] Glypha 55 [198] Serifa 55 T with unbracketed serifs [206] Antique No. 3 T with bracketed serifs J doesn't descend; P closed [227] Poppl-Laudatio J descends; P open J descends [235] Pegasus J doesn't descend [234] Octavian J with crossbar on top [255] Neuzeit-Grotesk J without crossbar [250] ITC Avant Garde Gothic M splayed [264] Tempo M not splayed U with serif at SE corner [258] Cable U without serifs [262] ITC Kabel M not splayed; strokes beveled [261] Grotesque 215 M splayed; strokes rectangular [263] Metro Q tail centered, comma-like [275] Folio Q tail slightly curved, on right [280] Mercator Q tail straight, on right [281] Standard Q tail intersecting d ascender curved leftward; h, k with straight ascenders [308] Diskus d ascender curved rightward; h, k with decurved ascenders [311] Park Avenue Q O-like [310] Palace Script Q 2-like M, N with balls on left arm; z doesn't descend [306] Bank Script M, N with swirls on left arm; z descends [312] Shelley Allegro Script f descender a loop; z descends [315] Yale Script f descender straight; z doesn't descend [309] Künstler Schreibschrift I, J with serifs at top; J with crossbar; K stepped [350] Salwey Script I, J without top serifs; J without crossbar; K not stepped [351] Venture F, J descend [368] Goudy Text F, J don't descend e with slanted crossbar [393] Cloister Open Face e with horizontal crossbar g with rising ear; condensed [413] Latin Condensed No. 2 g with wilted ear; wide [414] Latin Wide E, F crossbar at middle [569] Koch Antiqua E, F crossbar extremely low [574] University Roman J with spur at right; K without curved arm [581] Blackfriars Roman J without spur at right; K with curved arms [591] Fantail Neon lining [646] Neon Disjunctive lining [651] Prisma F with rounded top [652] Pump Triline F with flat top [647] Optex q with horizontal serif at NE; v, w with balls at NE [431] Carousel q with spur serif at NE; v, w with serifs at NE [430] Brace Condensed
q with horizontal serif at NE q with pointed serif at NE g with rising ear [429] Annlie Extra Bold g with wilted ear [436] Normande [440] Poster Bodoni g one-story [466] Trooper Black g two-story [459] Americana True g ear ear balled, rising [462] Las Vegas g ear without ball, horizontal [464] ITC Novarese Ultra f descends; h, n with curved right arms [473] Antique Olive Nord f doesn't descend; h, n with straight right arms [474] ITC Bolt Bold S with ends horizontal [478] Information Black Extended S with ends diagonal [480] Spartan Extra Black C with vertical ends [479] Koloss C with diagonal ends [476] Gill Kayo C with horizontal ends a one-story [483] Antique Olive Compact a two-story C terminals horizontal [490] Gothic No. 16 C terminal almost vertical [497] Syntax Ultra Black g with straight horizontal tail [501] Compacta Bold g with curved tail a two-story [500] Block Black Condensed a one-story a without slit at S [514] Harry Fat a with slit at S a one-story [522] ITC Avant Garde Gothic Extra Light a two-story a, e with gaps [533] Stark Debonair a, e without gaps [526] Futura Light J doesn't descend [63] Chiswell Old Face J descends
G with diagonal upper serif G with vertical upper serif f, j with slablike rectangular serifs [71] Olympian f, j with ball serifs [57] ITC Bookman J descends; c with small ball; g with horizontal balled ear [117] Primer J doesn't descend; c with pronounced ball; g with droopy ear Q tail sigmoid; f flag decurved [138] Melior Q tail straight; f flag horizontal [139] Orion J descends [173] Bruce Old Style J doesn't descend [176] Century Nova [177] De Vinne [178] Madison [179] Modern No. 20 [185] Scotch Roman [186] Scotch 2 j not constricted [207] Consort [211] New Clarendon j constricted W with stepped strokes; G spurred [226] ITC Novarese W with strokes that meet at top; G not spurred [222] ITC Friz Quadrata K, k double-jointed; i, j with square dots [265] Venus K, k single-jointed; i, j with diamond dots [260] Granby M with with middle junction [282] Transport M with with middle junction on baseline [279] Helvetica q descender straight; r cursive [313] Shelley Andante Script q descender looped; r print-like [307] Commercial Script H minuscular; M, N with rightmost arm curved, horseshoe-like [373] Venetian Text Condensed H majuscular; M, N with all straight arms [363] Caligra
P open; Q tail sweeps P closed; Q tail doesn't sweep C biserifed [432] ITC Didi C without serif at bottom v flattened at bottom; y flattened with step where tail joins [434] Falstaff v pointed at bottom; y without step [441] Thorowgood Q tail starts inside bowl [477] Helvetica Bold Extenden Q tail starts at bowl, descends diagonally [472] Annonce Grotesque Q tail starts at bowl, extends horizontally [481] Univers 83
G spurred G spurless Q straight [499] Anzoigen Grotesque Q curved, comma-like [504] Impact C with horizontal terminals [506] Placard Extra Bold Condensed C with vertical terminals [502] Futura Display A with slit at left end of crossbar [510] ITC Bauhaus Heavy A with slit at right end of crossbar [511] Blippo Black A without slit in crossbar [513] Churchward 70 Ultra Black S with diagonal terminals [528] Grotesque 126 S with horizontal terminals [529] Helvetica Thin [530] Helvetica Ultra Light Q tail very long [65] Fontana Q tail sweeps [61] Caslon 540 Q tail a short wedge, not extending past right edge of Q [60] Caslon 128 Q tail comma-like [56] Bookman Q tail starts inside bowl [62] Century Old Style Q tail sweeps k with SWNE arm curved; j with very constricted ball [67] Imprint k with SWNE arm straight; j ball not very constricted r with arm that joins stem very low [114] Century Expanded r with arm that joins stem high [115] Excelsior W strokes only a little stepped; poor contrast [208] Clarendon 12 W stepped center strokes; medium contrast [212] Egizio A pointed at top [394] Goudy Handtooled A with serif at top [395] Hadriano Stonecut A beveled at top; R with straight arm [396] Old Style Bold Outline A pointed at top; R with curved arm [391] Caslon Open Face G with spur at SE [439] Pistilli Roman G without spur at SE [437] Orator Q tail comma-like [488] Folio Extra Bold Q tail linear, intersecting A with oblique terminals [491] ITC Grizzly A with horizontal terminals p, q with large bowls, very short stems [55] Binny Old Style p, q with normal bowls and stems Q tail almost a straight line [59] Caslon Old Face No. 2 Q tail curved, like comma [70] Old Style No. 7 J with tail ending horizontal [492] Haas Unica Black J with recurved tail [493] Helvetica Heavy [494] Helvetica No. 2 Bold C with nearly vertical terminals [489] Frutiger 75 Black C with horizontal terminals C, E, L, T with very exaggerated spur serifs [72] Ronaldson C, E, L, T without exaggerated spur serifs [69] Old Style No. 2 r flag a ball [496] Plak Heavy r flag roman [498] Univers 75

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